Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Revoltech Evangelion 2.0 Collector's Box

There's been quite a bit of buzz over at the Japanese toy collector forums over this item.  I've no idea what's the big deal about this set, but I like the idea of the set, with 4 figures and a whole lot of accessories.

This can be purchased from AmiAmi, which is Japan's largest online toy store apparently.  Again, I have no idea.  I just pick up Revoltech from bargain bins when I travel to East Asia.

And yes, that picture above is a Revoltech.  They have really gotten good with the action figures as well.  Jason is shipping in October.  Recently released figures include Buzz and Woody:

Buzz and Woody are shipping now.  Perhaps I'll pick up some of these since they look so fun.


  1. I wish all action figures had as many accessories as the Japanese ones tend to. I try to stay away from Japanese stuff because it gets very expensive (even though I want Takara Batman, Catwoman and Batgirl), but I might just have to get that Buzz and Woody!

  2. I like the pictures of Buzz and Woody. I know a Japanese import store that has them, but I'm not sure if they are still in stock.

  3. Revoltech have such a varied amount of figures under their brand. Neca is the only American company that even comes close to the amount of random licensing and their figures aren't nearly as badass as the Revoltech brand stuff.

  4. And Revoltech has Japanese quality and production values on its side. They've got a good thing going, but it's a bit difficult to get.


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