Monday, 16 August 2010

#228 of 365 Transformers Animated Cybertron mode Megatron

It's Monday, and a new week, and I thought I'd do my first themed week this Animated August.  Yup, a theme week and this week's theme is Transformers Animated.  There was a preview yesterday for the Activators version of Bumblebee.  Today, I'm looking at the big bad villian himself, Megatron.  But not the normal version of the villian, nope, it's the Cybertron mode of the villian.

Well, first off, the box is... not square.  It's not even a rectangle or a regular polygon.  Hasbro decided to make the box in such a weird shape that's angular and... different.  I'm sure it must have given stores and retails a headache as to how to display the boxes, but it's Transformers and it probably flew off the shelves irrespective of how it's arranged.

The box is typical of most Transformers boxes hearkening back to the days of Generation 1, with the logo at the bottom and a drawing of the toy on the right.  What's new on the front is the complexity level near the top left.  the back has pictures of both the vehicle and robot modes and a bio.  Gone are the tech specs.  Notice the CN logo near the bottom right.  I almost expected to find a G1 Hasbro logo, but what we have here is the new Hasbro logo, in the G1 black and white, instead of the usual cyan-blue and white.

The side of the box has a close up picture of Megatron, which helps differentiate him from the myriad of other characters with the same boxes.  The instruction leaflet also hearkens back to the G1 style of numbered boxes of images.

The vehicle mode is what the vehicle is packaged as.  It's all black and silver and trans red and vaguely resembles a phallic object.  I mean they could  have given him a cool jet mode and they made this weird dildo?  Okay.


Darn it, I've got to stop letting Lemonjuice McGee hijack my reviews, but his point of view still holds.  The vehicle mode is inspiring, functional, but uninspiring.  They could have improved it with rotating fans were the jet engines are and perhaps a couple of hidden missiles - that's what Bandai would have done with the Soc line.  Oh well.

The robot mode is a different story.  He still looks like Megs and has a huge canon which turns into a blade?  The blade mode is clunky, and the canon seems a tad oversized, but it does work for Megs.  However when the canon is removed, there's this small piece of plastic which the cannon is attached to that gives Meg's right arm a weird unbalanced winged look.  The head sculpt is adequate.

There's close to no paint work - the colours are those of the plastic.  The articulation works well, and is tight which is common for Transformers.  I like the fact that they built in holes-and-pegs on the mold to ensure that the vehicle mode "locks" tightly together and doesn't fly apart.  There are also two places with "gears" what assist with the transformation process - one of which is on the blade of the knife, the other is on Megs chest.  I thought those were rather well done.

Overall, Megs look good, and displays well, but despite being a kiddie toy, he does not have too much action features.  But then again, he's a Transformer and his main selling point is that he transforms.  I'm going to let Megs and Bumblebee hang out for, well, at least this week, on an empty shelf that used to hold the DCUCs.  It's good to finally have some robot toys that I actually like the visual look for a change!


  1. Transformers animated toys especially megatron is really very nice in design.

    Megatron will always have that helmet type head and same color as like he was from the old time and he never fails to have some kind of gun in his hands.

    fellow collector here suport my site and join me in my toy collections.

  2. Do you have the G1 version of Megs?

    And if you add my blog to a blogroll on your blog, I'll return the favour here!

    BTW, you do live in a nice HDB estate :)


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