Tuesday, 11 January 2011

#376 of Year 2 Lego 8796 Knights Kingdom II King Mathias

It's the final figure of the Knights Kingdom II action figures, and today we end with Elvis Presley wannabe, the King.  King Mathias to be precise.  Wait, the king has a latin name, and he and his knights with Latin and Asian names go up against a Lord with a Slavic name?  Okay...

The packaging is the same as the other five, save the fact that this one has a cover parapet in a bright yellow gold.

There's the usual set of parts, and what's this?  A felt cape?  Oh look, the figure doesn't have a visor but has a crown instead.  There's also the cloth cape on the figure, which makes him slightly different from the other figures.  Otherwise the build is the same.

Other than the design considerations, with the crown and cape, he's no different from the other Bash 'Em Sock 'Em action figures.  He has the usual two wheels on his back which moves his arms, so he'd fit right into the concept.  I blame Bionicle for this!

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