Sunday, 23 January 2011

#388 of Year 2 Dr. Who Tardis

I have to confess, I named this toy as one of my top 10 without actually having purchased the toy.  Well, when I was in the UK I rectified that and I purchased one of these - they could be found anywhere.  And yes, I know it's supposed to be the TARDIS, but I'm lazy so I'll just type it as the tardis.

The packaging consists of a transparent plastic box and a card which forms the back.  The card has a rather nice swirling effect that forms the background for the tardis.  There are also two plastic pieces which ensures that the base sits in place.  The tardis is screwed into one of those pieces of plastic.

Besides the tardis, there's the base, which has a removable battery cover, a couple of screws and an  instruction manual.  The base requires 6 batteries, which is quite a lot.

The instructions are very well written and the illustration makes the easy steps clear.  The tardis itself is rather lightweight and basically is an empty box with some sculpted details and stickers for windows and labels.

The levitating effect works rather well - and a red light comes on when the base detects the tardis is in position.  I think the base can be plugged into a wall socket to forgo the batteries, but I have no idea what setting that should be although I think it should be in the instructions.  There's even a light detector on the top of the base such that when the light levels are low, the base will "switch off" the levitating effect to conserve battery power.  That's all sorts of cool.  Well, I have to say, this is still one of the best toys produced last year - an actual levitating tardis.


  1. Neat!

    It seems kind of odd that it's labelled "Time Lords Spinning TARDIS" when it's obviously the Doctor's. Unless the Master made his TARDIS appear as a police box to mess with the Doctor, I'm pretty sure all the others we've seen had functioning chameleon circuits. Not to mention the missing apostrophe.

  2. Semantics, semantics :) I have a Tardis. Woohoo! :)


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