Thursday, 30 December 2010

Havoc MotUC customs - in my hands!

I've already shown most of Havoc's customs.  So, I got my Havoc-made Gorpo yesterday.  I also had the priviledge of playing with the rest of the other customs including Orko's other siblings:

The other siblings of my custom Gorpo - from left to right: the blue Orko that showed up in a UK comic, the colour-change SDCC Orko, the millennium version Gorpo classic-ised.  Notice the eye lids on the Gorpo - that's a cool touch, and apparently it gitd.


Glimmer, because she's awesome for an Adora repaint.  Mattel, please make her already.

I did not realise that Fisto's armour has a slot to hold the recoloured Tri-Klops sword.  Tha's so awesome.

Sorceress' wings are screwed into her back - they do actually fold up!

Ram Man MotUC!  I want him now!  He doesn't even have to be a 100% new sculpt as the torso and the "furry pants" can be reused from the existing figures.

Work in progress...

This is still work in progress, but she does look awesome.

The stinkor is beginning to look rather dated now.  I do like the Grayskull fluffs on his shoulders though.

Ninjor and Khan.  Easy repaints with new heads.  Will we get these next year?  Probably not.  Such a pity.

Again, I am still amazed at how great this looks.  He's just another easy repaint with a new head and weapon.

I definitely hope that Mek will be a 2011 figure!  He's easy - just use Adam's head as the base and add his helmet!

I prefer this Hsss to Mattel's version of Hiss.  Mattel you really do need to reconsider your position on millennium/MYP influences!

Talking about millennium influences: The face that Mattel never gave us.  *sigh*

A face that I hope we'll get!

Only because they are made of awesome.  More PoP females please!!!

Need I say more?  It was definitely good looking at these... and other things.  It's too bad that I didn't get to handle more stuff...


  1. Is Fisto's head made from scratch, or does it belong to another toy? This is important! :)

  2. It's a crime when some of the customs figures we see are going to have more new parts than the actual figures.

    I will say that I absolutely love the Mattel vintage Hsss they are giving us, but the custom once again reminds me how superior I personally find the 200x design to be.

    I agree about wanting Glimmer. She is the one POP figure I really want before the others. I'm not sure why, but I always thought she had a lot of potential as a character and was never utilized to her full extent.

    I like the new trollans too. Those are some nice figures. Good blog post Novelty. I like it.

  3. @Taz: Fisto's head was made from a He-Man (Adam) head.

    @Thrawn: Mattel seriously need to give us a second Hiss/Hssssssssssssesss to do justice to the figure. He's now defined by his MYP character and it definitely needs a toy to reflect that.

  4. They'd be retarded not to make a King Hsss 200x variant...oh wait, that's right...Mattel. :)

    In all seriousness it's basically a gimme variant now. All they'd have to do is tool a new head, wrist gauntlets, and maybe shin guards but they could probably get away with using the He-Ro ones. Then reuse the Carnivus loin cloth piece. I'd be okay if they lost the sandals. It's the 200x Pharaoh head that's the key.

    Then if this were a perfect world they could spend the money and retool the snake form. The current one looks so puny it's laughable instead of intimidating.

    But at least the current human King Hsss looks freaking sweet. Man I love that figure. The colors, sculpting and everything.

  5. Nice pics! Those are definitely some nice customs. Fisto is my favorite by far.

  6. It's funny how a He-Man head can be modified so many times for the bevy of other characters!

  7. Great write up dude, I didn't realise you lived in the UK. :-) Angel-T

  8. Thanks Angel-T. No I haven't lived here for a while now...

  9. Lol, Novelty is elusive! You can never know where he is and even if you do, he actually isn't there! Go figure! ;)

  10. @SirDragonBane: That's the first time someone has compared me with an electron... Yes, the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle does partially apply here I guess...

  11. Great customs! I'm very jealous of your Gorpos and UK Orko though. They're superb and I want to kidnap them. lol

  12. The UK Orko is still in the UK. I only brought home Gorpo.


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