Friday, 23 July 2010

#204 of 365 NECA Battle Armor He-Man

Well, since I'm doing a mini-MotUC week, here's the last of my unopened NECA staction.  Well, unopened no longer.  Battle Armor He-Man is now out of the box.  And thus ends the saga where I started the year with all 6 waves series and Randor unopened, and today, they are all opened.

Battle Armor He-Man comes on the Series 6 card, the same one as Jitsu and Mosquitor.  The back has He-Man in front of the Eternian palace as well as the 3 figures in the wave.  The only difference for the cards is that He-Man has the yellow energy wave on the back of the card.  The art (which replaces the title card) on the front and the back is nicely coloured, but seems to depict an angry He-Man.  It could have been better in my opinion.  The pose of the toy in the bubble shows off the 2 weapons, which flank the figure.  I guess that's a good thing.

There's nothing special about the sword or the axe.  The sculpting of both these are nice, with a high level of detail on both.  This He-Man also comes with the usual heroic blue stand.

The figure is... well a statue.  He's not as anorexic as the rest of the millennium line.  However, he still retain the french fries for hair, this time with a wind blown effect.  Thankfully, his facial expression isn't as angry as he's depicted on his card.  The paintwork is gerat on the figure, the symbol on his chest is clear and his sporran (that's the baggie in front of his junk) is meticulously painted.

This He-Man retains the overall visual design of the vintage character, but updated for the millennium line, of course.  What's lacking are the articulation, and the action feature.  The Classics version actually departs a lot more than both the vintage and this staction with more details on the armour.

Despite being a statue, this He-man still looks great next to the millennium figures such as She-Ra or Keldor.  The windblown french-fries actually makes him look a lot more anime and interesting when placed with the figures of his line.  And yes, when placed next to the other millennium figures, he does look anorexic.  Oh well, as I'm not displaying him anyways, so that's not gonna bother me... too much!


  1. Is the sword basically the same that came with the regular figures in the toyline?

  2. Yup, this is basically the same sword, but in one piece.


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