Thursday, 15 July 2010

Random MotUC news

It's Matty release day today, but since I'm not going in the trenches, I thought I'd catch up on various other tidbits.

As I'm writing this, the Dread Axe of Darkness is still available, although there's only one left.  Since it sold out this fast, there will be a second wave of these bad boys coming soon, probably after SDCC.  Thanks to the success of this accessory, Poe Ghostal and Spy Monkey Creations will continue to collaborate and produce Poe Ghostal exclusive accessories.  The next accessory is not a Tytus accessory, but is something that Poe has wanted for a while.  I've ordered my limit of the axes and hope to have a review here soon, and I wholeheartly support Spy Monkey Creations who not only produces (IMO) quality products, but are also a very professional outfit with great shipping and communications.

The 2011 Club Eternia subscription will be available for sign-up starting on the 21st of July until the 4th of August.  2010 that is.  The subscription will include all 12 figures for 2011, as well as on subscription figure and 4 deluxe figures.  Bonus figures are not included in the subscription, nor are any weapons paks or stands, etc.  More infomation can be found on matty's forum.  I'd be getting this though, since MotUC is the only line I'm collecting and I'd hate to miss out on anything.

I'm also hoping to get Orko later this month (or is it next month? Edit: It's on August 2nd next month.  Thanks Chris Sunday!) after SDCC.  Mo-Larr is a maybe, but I hope I'll be able to get him as well.  Next month, it's reissue Trap Jaw (which I would like a couple) and Whiplash (which is the subscription fig, so I'll pass).

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