Tuesday, 13 July 2010

#194 of 365 Lego 7570 Prince of Persia The Ostrich Race

One of the licenses that Lego signed this year was for the construction toy tie-in to the Prince of Persia movie.  Now the movie had some criticism, but still raked in a whole bucket-load fo money.  There were some great sets in the movie as well which would translate rather well to Lego.  Sadly, a lot of those never got made.  Instead, we got some rather bland Indiana Jones sets dressed up as Prince of Persia.

However, one of the few outstanding features of the Prince of Persia sets are the new Ostrich piece, which is the main reason behind me getting this set.

The box may look big from the photos, but they are not.  The longest dimension is barely a foot long, so I wasn't expecting much from this set which is on the large side of "small" in my book.  I like the action shot on the front of the box, although Jake "Brokeback" Gayllenhaal's ugly mug on the box sorta spoils it.

The top of the box shows the names of the characters, something that was started with the Star Wars theme and that's spread to most of Lego's licenses.  Inside the box, there are 4 baggies and the instruction booklet.  There wasn't any decals, but hey, all the more better!

I've no idea why, but the two ostriches are packed individually in their own packaging.  There are 3 minifigs in the set, each one of which has a reversible face (as shown on the back of the box) - a happy face (pictured above) and a sad/angry face.  One of the faces is always hidden by the headgear, but it does add to the playability of the figures.

The build is simple and easy.  There are three structures to be built, a weapons rack of some sort, a balcony and the starting gates of the ostrich's race.  The former 2 structures are elementary, although Lego did jazzed them up with some flags and plants.  The design of the ostrich's starting gate incorporated an action feature - when the central lever is pushed, the gates swing open.  What's more cool about it is that it used absolute no technic parts!

I have to say I bought this set because of the ostriches, but after building it, I must say I love the set overall.  I'm glad I don't have to deal with Jake Gayllenhaal's likeness on the minifigure as well, which is definately a plus.  Now that I have this set, perhaps I'll start picking up the other PoP (yes, isn't it weird that it abbreviates to PoP?) Lego sets.  Perhaps I'll complete a collection of Hassassins!  Hmm...

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