Friday, 9 July 2010

White or Pink? Can we have both?

Mattel has revealed the issue to be voted on at this year's SDCC's MotUC panel.

My initial reaction: Urgh!  Why are they forcing fans to choose between white and pink?  Why can't they make both?  It's not as if it's that difficult to make a repaint.  Besides, they'll have to do a few other repaints for Arrow and Catra's steed anyways!  And if they are smart, it will also share parts with Strider and Nightstalker.  Oh well, we'll just see how the vote goes at SDCC.  I'm sure the losing side will be the most vocal and will cause more dissensions on all the online MotUC forums again, just like what happened after the flocked/unflocked Panthor fiasco.  Will Mattel never learn???

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