Saturday, 24 July 2010

SDCC Friday MotU News

Oh boy, where do I start?  Mattel had a panel and revealed quite a lot of things.  They did confirm Vikor as the February 2011 subscription figure.  Blegh.  Let's go through the figure reveals:

1. DC vs MotU will have at least one repaint.  Next up are Stratos vs Hawkman.  Stratos will be the blue-winged version with the red jetpack as first seen on Wednesday.
2. Aquaman vs Merman will be the next DC vs MotU.  Merman will be repainted with comic colours, while Aquaman will also be a slight repaint.  There will be 4 more over the course of 2011.  All of them will be TRU exclusives.
3. The subscription figures for August and September are Whiplash and Carnivus as previously announced.
4. Gygor will also be released in September as previously announced.
5. October's subscription figure will be Roboto with working gears and his 3 fist attachments as well as a fist to be used instead of the arm attachments.  The gears match the vintage colours
6. Weapons Pak #2 (Great War Pak) will be released in October with repainted weapons and accessories.  It will have Merman weapons in Gold (millennium), He-Man's axe and shields in orange (for Faker), Evil-Lyn's weapons in purple (millennium), Whiplash's spear in gold (for Randor) and his millennium weapon also in gold, Roboto's parts in black (for Trap Jaw), Zoar's green perch and armor, Optikk's weapons in black and She-Ra's sword (two toned).
7. November's sub figure will be Grizzlor.  His loincloth is removable, as previously announced, and he will have 4 weapons that will attach to his back, pretty much how the millennium version was supposed to be (as shown by the NECA staction).
8. The rerelease/reissue of King Grayskull will be in November.  He'll have a red cloak instead of brown, and flocking on his shoulder.  He comes equipped with two half swords in grey, an orb of power and another grey power sword that fades to transparent blue.
9. The army builder 2-pack will also be released in November.  There will be 4 heads, 2 mouth guards (removable) and 4 swappable "battle armor" chest plate pieces.  There'll also be two of Stinkor's shield in silver, two silver axes, a club and an axe.  Apparently, one of the faces of the palace guard is based on Toy Guru!
10. December's subscription figure will be Buzz-Off.  He comes with his helmet, his vintage axe and his millennium axe.
 11. January's subscription figure will be Bow (Princess of Power).  He has 2 different heads, one with headband and no mustache, the other will have the mustache, but no headband.  He comes with a bow without a string and arrows.  His chest piece will be removable (battle armor style) for a circle or a heart.
12. The Shadow Beast will be January's Oversized figure.  He'd be based on Gygor's body, with a new head and a club.
13. February's sub figure will be Vikor, the He-man of the north.  He comes with an axe, helmet and shield and seems to be based very closely to the original concept art of him.  He will also have the half blue power sword.
14. The February bonus figure will be Battle Armor Skeletor.  He will have a purple axe.
15. The March subscription figure will be King Hiss.  He will have 2 torsos - one in the "heroic" disguise, the other with the mass of snakes.  He comes with his snake staff and his shield.  The snake torso will have bendy articulation (like Plastic man?)
 16. The 2011 Club Eternia figure is the Mysterious stranger with the Cosmic Key and a giant Bionatops gun.  I will have to refer you to Poe's write up about the figure.  The figure will also come with the Etheria map.
17. For the rest of the year 2011 there'll be a small diorama piece in Q2, and a $25 SDCC figure, first vehicle in Q4 and a sneak preview of the weapons rack.

The video of the panel has been posted by AFI, and pictures of the same panel can be seen at Toyark.

18. There's also pictures of a Battle Ram (with jet sled) floating around on the internet.
19. Swiftwind will be white (as reported by TNI and on Matty's page) with 64% of the vote.

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