Thursday, 22 July 2010

MotUC SDCC news

I'm just going to do a numbered list:

1. The 2011 subscriptions for MotUC is now on sale at matty collector.  The Ghostbuster ones are also on the same page.
2. Poe Ghostal has a good picture of Grizzlor.  Go take a look at the furriness and tell Poe I sent you.  Do sign up for his forums while you are there.
3. Mattel has revealed the figures for the last quarter of 2010 and the first quarter of 2011.  These are Roboto (Oct), Grillor (Nov), Buzz-Off (Dec), Bow (Jan), Vikor (Feb), King Hiss (March).  The text is small, but it's captured on a photo at Toy News International.  Oh and some of that may be a hoax by Mattel.
4. And while you're there at TNI, check out Mattel's updated AttiTubes, which includes a Horde Leech and Merman, pictures of a blue wing Zoar and blue wing Stratos with red jetpack (centre of picture), and packaged pictures of Grizzlor and Carnivus.
5. Toy Guru Scott Neitlich has supposedly said that the Grayskull stands will be reissued early 2011.
6. Pixel Dan has posted pictures on his Facebook page showing Mossman deodorant and two silvery She-Ras for raffle at SDCC.  The deodorant are supposedly being given out at SDCC.  I have no idea who would want to smell like MotUC Mossman.

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