Monday, 12 July 2010

#193 of 365 Lego 5643 Duplo Little Piggy

I'm still surprised at the, well, surprise in the comments for Lemon, and today's toy is hopefully not as controversial as that.  We're still in Jambalaya July and today it's the turn of the Little Piggy from Lego's pre-school Duplo line.

Duplo boxes these days still retain the duplo green... wait, green was traditionally for Fabuland, Legoland had yellow, Technic had black and trains had grey.  I'm not sure what Duplo's colour is... oh wait, it's a peachy beige colour, at a time when pastels were used for little children.  OK, so that's not there and Duplo has inherited Fabuland's green (since Fabuland is no more :(  RIP!)

The box shows the contents nicely, with a rather cartoony background, and the age range is printed very clearly on the front and rear of the package.  The top of the package shows the actual size of the bricks, as is normal with most Lego stuff these days.

This is Duplo though, so I wasn't expecting much from this small box.  What was unexpected was that there were no baggies inside, it's just pieces loose in a box and an instruction book.  Now that was a surprise.

There's just 4 pieces in this box - a minifig, the titular pig, a brick and a pitchfork.  Building was... non-existant for this building toy, but then it is after all targeted at toddlers, so I guess that's OK.  I don't like the mold lines on the pig, they could have made it better.  The pitchfork is nice, but a bit too over-sized for normal Lego.  Still, I guess at the price point, there's quite a bit going for this set, if only for the over-sized Duplo minifig and the pig.

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