Thursday, 22 July 2010

#203 of 365 Masters of the Universe Classics Keldor

Whoa, this is the third day of MotUC this week, and it's only Thursday.  Will this shape up to be a mini-MotUC week?  We shall see.  Today I'm opening Keldor, which was last month's bonus figure.  Keldor is Randor's half-brother, and the guy who eventually had his face burnt away to become Skeletor.

Keldor comes on the starndard card, and is posed with his two half swords crossed underneath his breast.  The small vial of acid is placed to the side of his head, but is mostly still lost amidst the hubris because of its small size.  Otherwise, there's nothing special about the packaging or the pose.

The bio though is controversial.  Now we are told that Keldor isn't truly evil, but instead he's waging a civil rights campaign of sorts, or something like that.  Well, they aren't ripping off Martin Luther King, but they've effectively changed Skeletor from a guy of pure evil to just someone who's misunderstood.

The figure uses mostly Skeletor's body, but has boots instead of clawed feet.  His head, obviously, is new, and so is the cloak, which does fit on Skeletor!  The half-swords are two-toned, and anain there's nothing new there.  The vial of acid is surprisingly small, but stands out rather nicely when held in his left fist.

Keldor uses a different shade of purple than Skeletor, which is a pity as that means one can't simply swap heads to give Skeletor boots and a cape.  However, as already mentioned, the cape is transferrable to Skeletor, if one doesn't mind that it's a different shade of purple.

This version of Keldor is not as anorexic as the millennium version, and also does not have the extreme wash that the millennium skeletor had.  However, he is missing a Havoc staff, and as fans have pointed out, Mattel missed an opportunity to make the millennium half swords for Skeletor.  I mean, if they made the "electronic" power sword for He-Man (and included him with Man-At-Arms), they could have made those half swords with the ram horn handles.  Hopefully that will be included in a future release - perhaps a weapon's pack?


  1. Is he really as bright as all the pictures show him to be? It seems crazy that he makes Faker look muted in comparison...

  2. Yes, he's lighter than Skeletor, which I suppose = bright to your eyes.


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