Saturday, 24 July 2010

#205 of 365 Lego 5644 Duplo Chicken Coop

I'm going to take a break from MotU today.  Originally I had planned to open Tytus, but since I don't have time to actually do an opening video for him, I'll have to pass until I get the time to do the video.  It won't be August though, because well, let's just say I've got a lot lined up for August!  So, let's just get to something easy.

Yes, this is another Duplo set.  Don't ask me why, but I had a craze for Duplo farm animals  at the time when I bought this, so here I am with this set.  The box is nice and colourful, and shows the model (ha!).  The top of the box shows the real size of a brick, while the bottom of the box shows all the bricks in the box.  Oh and there are alternate models on the back of the box - a rarity these days in the Lego universe box.

The contents of the box are simple - a baggie, a big frame piece that's not in a baggie and a product catalogue.  There's a Duplo-fig and a chicken in the set - the latter was in a smaller baggie in the bigger baggie.  Both the chicken and the fig are painted nicely, as normal for Lego.

The building is simple, as is common for such a small set with such large pieces.  The door with roof is nice, but otherwise, there isn't anything special in the set.  The painted brick with the egg is interesting and expands on the play value of the set.

The reason I got this set though, was to build a huge farm scene.  It actually looks good when combined with Little Piggy and given a background.  Well, I guess I'll need a few more sets and this display can go up as a display somewhere in the house!

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