Monday, 19 July 2010

#200 of 365 Lego 8084 Star Wars Snowtrooper Battle Pack

Today, I'm opening the other half of what I opened yesterday.  Yes, it's still Lego week, eventhough the week is over and it's a Monday, but since it's Jambalaya July, I guess anything's game.

As promised yesterday, today I'll take a look at the other "half" of the 2 Battle Packs, with today's "half" being the Empire's side.  Yay, Snowtroopers.  OK, the box is similar to the Rebels from yesterday, gratituous reuse of the one image that is splashed everywhere on the box and the instructions.  The 4 figures are shown on the back instead of the top.

The set contains 2 baggies, and the build was even easier than yesterday's.  There's a lot of white and black in this set - great for those who are stocking up on white and black, but it makes the set looks rather bland.

It does however, build a very cool snow speeder cycle, but I could have passed on the base thing which seems to be a collection of bricks instead of a set.  Sure, the missile can be raised and lowered and fired, but action feature aside, it's boring.

I thought there'd be some redemption qualities when the 2 sets are put together, since after all, Lego seems to love splashing the picture of the both of them together, but alas, the sum doesn't make it anymore interesting as its parts.

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