Wednesday, 21 July 2010

#202 of 365 Masters of the Universe Optikk

It was She-Ra yesterday.  Today is the turn of Optikk.  Now I got Optikk when I was doing Justice League June and I was just having way too much fun opening those DCUCs.  I wasn't a huge fan of Optikk because I thought the 4 Horseman and Mattel could have jazzed it up a lot more to make it better (for starters, making it shiny gold like Booster Gold for example would have won lots of points in my book)

Optikk is packaged with an interesting pose in the bubble, with his gun visible in the front.  The orange eyeball is also strategically positioned, but the shield is hidden to the side.

Optikk comes on the standard MotUC card, but is modified with a custom made Space Mutant sticker.  The sticker was not on the vintage toy and was specially designed for MotUC.  The back of the card has Optikk's bio, and it's a bit wordy, but it does have to introduce how the New Adventure ties into the MotUverse, so it's a necessary wordiness (if that's even a word).

Optikk comes with an extra eyeball (it's not really a head is it?  It's just an eyeball), his shield and gun.  I like the gun.  It looks all sorts of sci-fi-y (yes, I know that's not a word) and is sculpted with all sorts of greeble (well, that's a Lego term, but it's the thing that makes it look sci-fi-y).  The shield is an all new piece created just for this version of Optikk.  The inverted "eye" of the shield looks nice, but doesn't really make the shield that functional.  And the eyeballs?  Well, the cornea are made from a transparent coloured piece of plastic with the blood vessels painted on the outside of it.  It's not really accurate (the blood vessels should be on the iris, not the cornea), but this is a toy after all, and anyways, how realistic is it to have a guy with an eyeball for a head anyways?

Optikk uses a modified MotUC body, with Trap Jaw arms in particular.  He has a new belt piece (not really removable) that hides his "ab crunch" feature, and a new armour piece to represent his body (and to cover up the normal MotUC body).  It works really well for Optikk and makes him look entirely different, body-wise from the rest of the MotUC figures, yet he still fits in nicely with the rest of the line.

Optikk is a lot taller than the vintage New Adventures line as can be seen from the comparison shot with gitd Barbie Skeletor (with rooted hair!).  I don't have a vintage Optikk for comparison, nor do I think I'll get one.  I like the addition of Optikk to the MotUC series, the same way I liked the addition of Zodak and the Green Goddess.  But he doesn't do anything for me.  I'm hoping the next New Adventures figure will be a lot more awesome than Optikk.

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