Friday, 2 July 2010

#183 of 365 DCUC Dr. Mid-nite

We continue this week with Figure 4 of DCUC Wave 12, and yes, we are still continuning with Justice League June eventhough it's July.  Today, it's the turn of Dr. Mid-nite to get opened and this is another figure that I'm excited about.

Dr. Mid-night is a real doctor, who is sight-impaired, but he developed special eyewear which allowed him to see.  He's also supposedly one of the smartest men in the DCU or something like that, and he's the doctor to most of the superheroes thanks to him being in the old fogey team known as the Justice Society of America.  Oh and he was one-time lover of Black Canary, but that was only because readers speculated that he was gay or something.

Let me summarise what I think about the 75th anniversary packaging that Mattel decided to use in two words: Blegh! Sucks!  Check Eclipso earlier in the week to see what I wrote about it.  Now, Midnight (that's how I spell him, or Pieter Cross if I decide to use his given name) is posed rather interestingly in the bubble.  His right arm is outstretched for his pet owl (whose name escapes me) to appear to perch on.  Actually, the owl is packaged in the tray behind the arm, and isn't really attached to the arm in the bubble.  Hence the "appear to perch on" comment.  Oh, and it goes without saying that I like that he's facing the viewer, wo that all his frontal details are visible.

Cross comes with the badge (sigh!), Darkseid's arm and his pet owl as an accessory.  Yes, finally an accessory in Wave 12!!!  Mattel sure is stingy with their accessories here in the DCUC line.  First off, my doctor's leg is deformed from the packaging.  Blegh, that's the first time it's happened this wave.  The bent leg aside, Cross as a nice sculpt, from the narrow cape to the vest thing and the crescent buttons and the nice head sculpt.  I like the colour scheme, despite the clash of red and green and yellow and brown.  I have no idea why, but the colours do work for me on him!  The paintwork is also nicely done, although there isn't much paint to begin with since most of the pieces are molded from the same colour of plastic as it's supposed to be.  I have no idea why Mattel decide to go with the narrow cape - I miss the more volumnous capes from the earlier waves (and from MotUC) and I thought Midnight would have benefitted from such a cape.

Oh and the owl?  There's no articulation on it, but the sculpting is perfect.  It's designed such that the tail hooks around Midnight's glove and it appears to perch on his hands.  The paint on the owl is delicately done and is excellent.  I wish they used the same amount of care for Zoar.

Midnight reminds me slightly of Spectre, what with the green cape and all.  At first I thought they had the same cape, but on comparison, Midnight's cape is narrower, which really really really is a pity.  Still, he's nice enough (and once I fix the leg), he'll go up on the shelf next to Atom Smasher and Spectre.


  1. Hotie is the owl's name...and he has 1 point of articulation (the neck)!lol

    My Dr. Mid-nite had a really bad paint job on his crescent buttons...really, really sloppy. Glad you got a better one. Pity about the leg.

  2. Damn shame about the leg.. I like the character overall, and I'm glad to see they did alright with him in the long run. But man, those prices are pretty prohibitive!

  3. @Wesley: Big Bad Toy Store has a 20% discount on him. I have no idea whether that's still "prohibitive" on your part.

  4. @Wes - They can't all be $ I've started just picking the characters I really love from the books...which is why I've passed on all of the Trigon Wave even though I've seen every single one on the shelves.


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