Thursday, 15 July 2010

#196 of 365 Lego 5615 Castle The Knight

We're still on Jambalaya July and this week is beginning to look as if it'd be a Lego week.  Yesterday I looked at a Castle Impulse set.  Today we continue the trend with another Castle Impulse set.

I've got a whole wall of unopened Lego sets, so I dug out these 3 because I wanted a break from action figures in general, and I wasn't too keen on spending hours and hours building the larger sets (of which I still do have a large number unopened).  These impulse sets are just the thing.

The box is normal for an Impulse set, but the background on the front is surprisingly well done.  The top of the box features a full sized photograph of the minifig (not action figure!), but otherwise, the box is well designed.

As usual for an impulse set, there is one baggie, and one folded instruction sheet.  The build was easy.

I like the shiny silver pieces in the set.  Both the helmets and the breastplate are sprayed with this silvery paint.  There are two "printed" bricks - the torso and the shield and again, both are well done.  The model itself though is plain - weapons and accessories thrown haphazardly on a frame of bricks.  It could have been better designed.

Still, as is the purpose of the impulse sets, these entire sets are more like accessories (to me) for the larger sets and again, I can see this set being used to outfit an armoury within the castle.  Despite my dislike for the set design, I do like the silvery paint (oooh! shiny!) so I have no regrets about getting this.

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