Thursday, 8 July 2010

#189 of 365 Lego 7595 Toy Story Army Men on Patrol

After more than a month of action figures, here's some Lego goodness.  I've been on an extended Lego break on Toy a Day, and more so since I've been looking at the amazing stuff that's been released so far this year.  Prince of Persia Lego!  Ben 10 Lego!  But the theme that I've been looking forward to all year is this one, Toy Story, particularly this set, the Army Men on Patrol.

The army men featured in all 3 Toy Story movies, although their numbers dwindled until there were only 3 left in the third movie.  Only the green army men were shown in the movie, and consequently, the only versions of Lego Toy Story Army men are green.

The box is not a Toy Story 3 box - that's because Lego has the rights to all 3 Toy Story movies, and other Disney properties as well.  I like the picture, on both the front and the back, showing the toys on a floor with some skirting on a wall.  It looks interesting.  Despite the fact that these toys are all made of a monotonous green colour, the box packaging shows off the details rather well with the use of lighting.

Inside the box there are two baggies and the instruction sheet.  Nothing special there.  The four figures were easy to construct and despite their similarities, Lego gave each one a unique accessory to make it distinctive, pretty much like the infamous terracotta warriors that was buried with the ancient Chinese emperor.

This being Lego, there's more to the set than just figures (although Lego has decided to cash in on the minifigure craze recently as well).  The set includes an army truck, mostly in green, of course, but with black wheels.  The non-green parts are cleverly hidden inside the model.  The construction is interesting - and the use of SNOT (that's stud not on top for those not familiar with Lego acronyms) for the front and the rear is cleverly done.  Lego also chose to plate the vehicle over with smooth bricks so as to hide the studs, again another plus, because it's something that they didn't have to do.

Overall, I like the set.  I'm not particularly impressed with it, but I do want a few more sets to build up my army.  A parachute set (seen in the last movie) would also be interesting, and perhaps a few other sets would be good.

I don't own any army men, so I can't do any comparison shots with them, but I don't mind.  I wish I had these Lego army men when I was a kid instead.  I can just imagine the mischief I'd be up to!


  1. If the Toy Story toys ever reach my country, I'll go broke... The third movie was amazing, I cried for the final ten minutes or so, and came out of the theater determined to get some TS toys... But, all I got is a common Mr Potato Head and one of the Potato Kids.

  2. Can't you order stuff from Germany or something?


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