Monday, 26 July 2010

#208 of 365 Centurions Doom Drones Strafer

Way back in May, I made a stupid bid for a Dragon Blaster Skeletor and ended up paying more for him than I could afford.  Well, I also separately made a purchase of this from Ebay because it was going for cheap.  It's hard to find cheap Centurion toys these days, every little piece is being marked up for extortionist prices, so it's good to be able to pick this up for a few bucks.

The box harkens back to the 80s era with a nice painted image on the front and a picture of the toy in the inset.  The back of the box has pictures of the alternate modes possible with the toy, as well as how it could be combined with the other toys.  The bio is found on one side of the box.  Tying everything together is the colour Purple for Doc Terror's forces, and the Centurions logo, which is bright and eye catching in primary colours.

There's three parts in the box, all tied to a nice cardboard.  The smaller parts are in a baggie to protect them in the packaging.  There's also a decal sheet, an instruction sheet and a poster of all the products.  If you wanna have a look at the toys in the line, I'll point you to my old unupdated toy site at Duke Nostalgia.

Assembly was easy, but since I already have one of these with the decals applied (and peeling off), I decided not to apply the decals on this new Strafer.  It's blocky and mechanical, exactly the way it was in the cartoons, and I am happy that I got my second strafer because I'd like to have an entire fleet of these.

There's also a missile that clips in between the "chin" and the "groin" of the strafer.  It drops when the head is tilted.  There's quite a lot of moulded detail for an 80s toy, it was definately above and beyond the other toys of its era.  It's also big - slightly larger than DCUC Darkseid and slightly taller too.

The fun of this toy is not in itself of course.  It's with the fact that it can be torn apart and combined in a multitude of ways to form new figures with the other figures in the line.  Hacker, could be combined with most of a Strafer to form a flying Hacker hybrid (as seen in the cartoon).  Likewise Doc Terror could also combine with the Strafers.  But it doesn't end there, of course, the Strafer parts could also be used with the good guys.

I'm excited, I'm going to rotate in a Centurions display on my shelves soon!  Yay!

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