Saturday, 3 July 2010

#184 of 365 DCUC Mary Marvel

Wow, I can't believe I've passed the halfway mark for the raison d'etre of this blog.  And we are still on Justice League June on a technicality and simultaneously on Jambalaya July with DCUC Wave 12.  Today's figure is the sixth figure in the Wave, Mary Marvel.

OK, so I skipped Desaad, who to me looks like some religious fanatic in a robe with a bomb strapped to his chest.  Besides, he only comes with a stand for Darkseid, and I'm not going to spend some serious moolah for a figure I don't really like anyways.  I had to already spend the money on Eclipso (and didn't regret it) and today's figure Mary Marvel.  I hope I don't regret picking her up as well.

OK, I'm not even going to talk about the packaging today.  Mary though is the first figure in this Wave not be be posed facing the front of the bubble.  Blegh for the side view.  She'll probably be warped by the pose.

Now Mary is one of the teens in the Captain Marvel universe.  Captain Marvel, who is better known as Shazam was part of Fawcett Comics cast of characters, and he was their answer to Superman.  Fawcett was bought over by DC, who was now faced with a magic-based Superman clone, and his related characters, that they didn't know what to do with... until recently.  Black Adam was used in 52 comic book series, along with this lady, Mary Marvel.  She also had a white version of her costume and there is also a variant of her with that.  However, I like her red version better as she stands out more with it.

Mary comes with Darkseid's torso and a badge (I've run out of boring single words to describe the badge, so I shall pass making a disparaging remark about it today).  She doesn't have any accessories, which is the norm for DCUCs.  She's based on the teen female body though, so she is a lot smaller than the usual female... and a lot shorter as well.  Her paint apps are great, and her face sculpt looks as if Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon has worked on it.  Or maybe the crew from Madam Tussards.  Her leg is warped from the pose in the packaging, as predicted.  *sigh*

Well, I'm not too disappointed with Mary, but since I only got her to complete my Darkseid, well, she's definately going back into the box, because, let's face it, unless I get black Adam or Captain Marvel to display alongside her, she'd just be this freaky plastic-faced dwarf among my DCUC figures.

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  1. LMAO! That's a pretty much spot on description of Mary's face. I dislike her "horse-straddling" legs, too. Her stance seems much too wide. Mine didn't have a warped leg, but one of her arms looked like a boomerang out of the package. Quick dip in the hot-tub fixed that.


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