Sunday, 18 July 2010

#199 of 365 Lego 8083 Star Wars Rebel Trooper Battle Pack

It's still Jambalaya July here on Toy a Day and I'm doing the countdown to toy #200 which is tomorrow.  I'm still on my mini Lego week/run so I thought today I'd open up another army builder pack, this time from the Star Wars franchise theme.

There were these 2 Battle Packs released this year.  Today, we'll look at the rebels, tomorrow, the Empire.

The rebel box seems to be action packed, bu the whiteness of the box generally doesn't really stand out too well.  Instead of posting all the figures on the top of the box, the figures are instead shown on the back, together with the huge battle scene.

And that battle scene is repeated everywhere, including the front of the instruction booklet and the last few pages showing the battle scene.  I think Lego needs to take more pictures for their packaging and printed materials.  The box contains two baggies and the instructions.

It's a battle pack, so the set is choke-a-brick (pun not intended) full of minifigs, or more specifically 4 minifigs.  It is a battle pack, after all.  The build was easy, and the clunky vehicle is boring.  Sure, the machine gun turrets swivel, but other than that, it's blegh.  And this isn't even an impulse set - it costs way too much to get this set just for the figures.  I'd call this a fail on Lego's part.

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