Wednesday, 14 July 2010

#195 of 365 Lego 5614 Castle Kingdoms The Good Wizard

Kansas City and Oz both have their wizards.  Lego though, has a multitude of wizards, and this is one of the sets.  Welcome to Jambalaya July and I guess this is shaping up to be a Lego week after all, what with this being the third set this week (and it's only Wednesday!).

Lego started what they have decided to market as "Impulse" sets, which are, sets that are tiny.  How the name arose is a mystery - is it supposed to tempt buyers to buy them on impulse because of their small size, or does impulse refers to the size itself?  That has never been made clear.

The relaunched Castle theme, and the fantasy sub-theme in particular, was one of the first to get impulse sets, and this set in particular, is one of the first few Castle impulse sets.  The box reminds me of Harry Potter, but only because of the subject matter.  The brick background is common to most Castle boxes of the time.  The back of the box does not show any alternate models... because it'll be hard pressed to build something else from such a small set.  Intstead, it shows the big sets of the subtheme.

The contents of the box is simple. One baggie and a folded instruction sheet.  However, the instructions are a bit novel in that it features the actual part number on the instructions.  That's not normally done for the larger Lego sets.

The wizard uses normal Lego parts, nothing new there, but since this is the first time I'm opening a fantasy-era wizard, I was a bit surprised by the novel blue-grey, as well as the large amount of printing on the brick.  The build was easy... in fact, it was so elementary I had it finished in no time, and the end result is as good as can be expected from such a small set.

Overall, I like this set.  It'd make a great "furniture" set for the larger castles.  I could picture populating one of the rooms in the castle (if there are any) with this wizard.

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