Sunday, 4 July 2010

#185 of 365 DCUC Iron

Happy 4th of July.  I'm still here come hail or high water or ... Iron?  Yes, Iron from the Metal Men is today's figure and is the final figure of DCUC Wave 12 and Justice League June.

The Metal Men are a bunch of sentient robots constructed from metals.  The robots have personalities and abilities that matches the metal from when they are composed of.  Iron is strong, and also headstrong, or something like that.

Iron comes in the usual blah blegh DC 75th anniversary packaging, with two extra stickers.  I'll get to one of them in a moment.  One of those stickers though is "Toy contains small balls".  I wonder if that would make anyone snicker.  Iron is posed in the bubble showing off his accessories, both of them, although one of them is covered by the multitude of stickers.

Then there is this sticker which advertises "real metal parts".  Hmm... if there was real die-cast metal, it'd be heavy... and expensive.  The sticker is placed in an itneresting spot - under Iron's arm pits.  I wonder if the pose is designed for the sticker to be placed there since it's a rather weird pose for his left hand.

Iron comes with the badge (Is It Fun? AAAAAGH!), Darkseid's other leg and not one but two, count them, two accessories.  Two accessories would make this double more than Dr. Mid-nite and infinately more than everyone else in the wave.  The real metal parts are limited to the chain links on the ball and chain.  The "small balls" (sic) itself is made of plastic.  It's a bit of a disappointment that there weren't more Iron parts.  Hopefully, this will set a nice precedence.  I'd like Gold to have real gold parts and Silver to have real silver parts too!

The figure itself is sculpted extremely well.  I like the "dress" that Iron is wearing, although it covers up his "ab crunch" articulation and restricts it somewhat.  The was on the figure is great and nicely mimics the appearance of unpainted Iron.  The headsculpt could be better - the head seems to have an African influence to it when Iron has always been depicted with angular robotic features in the comic.

And the final question - shelf or box?  Well, I must say, the only figure that disappointed me some in Wave 12 was Mary Marvel, and even then, she wasn't as disappointing as say Nightwing or Starfire.  Iron is as great as I expected it to be and despite the fact that I don't have any metal men to display him with, I think he still looks great next to my Metamorpho and metallic Booster Gold.  Definately shelf for me.


  1. His fists are metal...didn't you read my review?!lol

  2. You had an Iron review? I must have missed it. I blame it on the southern comfort and whatever smoke you were blowing my way.


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