Friday, 16 July 2010

#197 of 365 Lego 5618 Castle Troll Warrior

All good things comes in threes.  At least that's what I'd like to have people believe.  Today is the third Castle Impulse set.  Welcome to Jambalaya July where it's anything goes - toy wise, that is!

This is another small Impulse box, and take a look at the background on the front of the box.  Yes, it's different yet again.  That's a huge plus point on Lego's design team to try to get the sets to stand out with some individuality, yet still maintaining the thematic elements (the green border and the Castle logo in this case).

This is the simplest of the three Impulse sets this week, and thanks to "anime influences" the minifig (not action figure!) has a large oversized cleaver/katana blade.  The model is again plain, but at least in this instance it does have an action feature, or two if the rolling wheels are counted.  The missile can be "fired" thanks to friction in the way Lego is put together.  The set also throws in a random kitten, why that is so, I have no idea.  Perhaps it's food for the troll?

Unlike the two previous sets, this set though, really isn't an accessory, but seems more like an actual set on its own, complete with action feature.  Nevertheless it still fits in nicely with the other 2 sets.  It will also make a good army-builder set as both the troll and the wagon can be duplicated infinitely for an army.  Thumbs up from me for this set!

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