Saturday, 24 July 2010

SDCC non-MotU things that caught my eye

It's SDCC and I've been catching the news.  The big news for Friday was the Mattel reveals for MotUC, but there's been other news trickling out that has caught my eye.

From Bricks to Bothans has this interesting image.  It was seen in the Prince of Persia section.

Who's that on the camel?  Is that a new Pirate of the figure?  Perhaps from a sea that currently has a huge slick of oil leaking out from the floor?

The other thing, that Lemonjuice McGee tagged me was this (pictures from Toyark):

Apparently it'd be a 12-pack.  Figures shown so far include the 3 founders, Superboy (presumably) and ME-Lad.

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