Sunday, 4 July 2010

#185 addendum of 365 DCUC Darkseid

The payoff for supposedly buying an entire wave of DCUC figures is that you get another figure, the Collect and Connect or CnC.  Since DC expanded the wave to 7 figures, the most popular figure has got the stand for the CnC figure, which isn't really necessary to complete the CnC figure.  There aren't any "big names" in Wave 12, other than the CnC Darkseid, so Desaad got the short end of the straw.  I didn't bother getting him since I'm not a new God Freak, but I got everyone else to complete Darkseid.  Yes, I know Darkseid started life in Jack Kirby's New God as the big bad villian, but as anyone who has read Great Darkness Saga will point out, that's one of the best story arc of all time with Darkseid as the villian.

Whoa, Darkseid comes with a few extra parts than usual.  That's because they decided to chop the hand up and include his glove as an accessory.  Since the glove doesn't really feature much in the Great Darkness Saga, I've no idea what it does.  Oh and I just want to point out that Mattel and the Four Horsemen added small touches to this figure, even in places where it wasn't really required, like the soles of Darkseid's feet.

Assembly was easy, but since I did not keep track of which leg was which, I initially had them the wrong way around.  Oops.  I fixed it for the photos though.  The sculpt is adequate, but I'm not sure I like his left fist.  I wish it was an open hand instead.  The paintwork is absolutely great.  That's because the only thing that needs painting was the trim on the oversized boots and the belt.

The headsculpt is excellent.  Darkseid's stone like face is captured perfectly.  His facial expression is grim and neutral, perfect for conveying his unfeeling emotional state and his eternal patience.  Besides the leg, another great detail is the box thing on his back (is that a motherbox?) which is sculpted with all sorts of dials and buttons.  Again, that's a detail that could have been omitted, but it definately makes the figure a lot more interesting.

I also want to give a shout-out to the newly married pH6.  I guess it's pH6+1 now.  Anyways, since there was a skirt thing, I took a picture just for him.  The glove accessory is also sculpted with great detail.  I have no idea what those wholes and buttons do, but it sure looks great.  I like the bronze paint used - it's a lot more warmer than a yellowy golden colour and is excellent for Darkseid's blue and grey.

Darkseid is slightly shorter than Atom Smasher, but is a lot bulkier and has an accessory.  He's miles bigger than Metamorpho, who's just a normal figure with accessories.  His joints are tight, and seems to hold together rather well, but they also pop off rather easily when required.  His skirt restricts the leg articulation some, but I doubt anyone would want Darkseid to have a wide stance (perhaps maybe Lemonjuice... wait, I'm not writing for Hobotastic).

Overall?  I really like Darkseid, and all the little details that they put into the figure.  They could have made this the easy way, but they didn't, and the figure is all the more better because of it.  The accessory was nice, but really, wasn't really all that necessary to add to the awesome figure, although it's a welcome addition.  I'm still unsure if he's shelf or box though.  Maybe there'll be a third category if I can figure it out.  Trophy case display maybe?


  1. This Darkseid is truly badass! He was my motivation for buying wave 12. I don't know if you are aware, but he actually has two accessories: the Killing Glove (great name!) and the MotherBox. It's removable!

    Also, I consider Desaad as another of Darkseid's accessories, hahaha!

  2. It's removable? I haven't had time to play with him yet though :( Thanks for the heads up. Oh and I passed on Desaad as mentioned.


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