Wednesday 31 March 2010

#90 of 365 Millennium Roboto

This is the end of March, and as a preview/link to Anniversary April, here's something that will fit in both - Roboto! I'm looking forward to opening all my Millennium (formerly known by the clunky 200x, thank you Poe for the name) figures, and it's Roboto today, Orko tomorrow, Mossman the day after, or that's the plan.

#88 and #89 of 365 Roadbot Toyota Celica and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX

I've really enjoyed March so far, and as we near the end of the month, I must say I'd be sad to let the theme pass - I have so much more that I'm looking forward to open. Nevertheless, Anniversary April is coming up soon, so that's something to look forward to.

Tuesday 30 March 2010

#87 of 365 Lego 7747 Wind Turbine Transport

Chris Vint asked me what I was opening today. My answer was another Lego set. This one though, is sort of a limited set. I'm not sure how limited it is though. It's also a set from late 2009.

Sunday 28 March 2010

#86 of 365 Multimac Mechmac Croco Mac

That's way too much mac in the title. Now I've got the hankering for the golden arches. This was an impulse buy a while back. It's from what I originally had pegged as Hong Kong, but the box says Made in Dongguan, China (which is about an hour north of the Hong Kong border).

Friday 26 March 2010

#85 of 365 Lego 7670 Hailfire Droid & Spider Droid

#85 translates to the 26th of March. 5 more toys until the end of March and the beginning of Anniversary April. I think She-Ra is ready to go next week.

#84 of 365 Zoids Zabat

Hello Papataz! You seem to be the only person reading these and commenting. Nobody else has been commenting this month. Then again, now that I've written this, people will come out of the woodwork to prove me wrong. Oh well.

Tuesday 23 March 2010

#81 - #83 of 365 Star Wars Transformers Boba Fett, Darth Vader and General Grievous

A Mecha month isn't complete unless it has some Transformers in it, but I don't really have any regular Transformers that's unopened - I've been opening them up in the past because those Transformer boxes are such a waste of space! - so I've only got these left. Star Wars Transformers. There's quite a load of images on the Facebook album, which has the subtitle of "In an alternate universe far, far away..."

Monday 22 March 2010

#80 of 365 Machine Robo Rescue MR-03L Drill Robo (knock-off)

This is probably the first knock-off on the list for this year, and I'm not sure if it'll be the last. Maybe not. The original toy series was an update of Bandai's Machine Robo series for the new millenium (I think that's one of my favourite phrase). Sure, there's a repaint in there somewhere, but it's gone from a transforming Gobot to a transforming Gobot gestalt. And yes, the Machine Robos eventually became the Gobots in English speaking countries.

Wednesday 17 March 2010

#77 - #79 of 365 Computer Warriors Debugg, Megahertz and Romm

I barely remember this line, but I do know Poe Ghostal is a fan of it. Computer Warriors were a group of warriors who hid in computers and other electronic stuff. There were some transformation and I suppose with good guys and bad guys, battle.

#76 of 365 Lego Bionicle 8747 Visorak Suukorak

Lego has a number of Mecha lines especially in the first decade of the new millenium. Exoforce was the main one, but the most successful theme actually is this one, Bionicle. I'm not a huge fan of Bionicle, and I have absolutely no idea about the crazy storyline that drives this theme. I've only been picking up the sets that are available, and that I like, and this one was going for cheap so...

#74 and #75 Gundam RX-79(G) and Nataku

Gundam today. It was huge in the 80s but I never got into it. While opening this I was thinking that Bandai is well known for the mecha robot stuff, including my favourite current line SoC. However, Bandai also has a large action figure line including Pokemon and Power Rangers. Hmm...

Tuesday 16 March 2010

#73 of 365 Lego Exoforce 8104 Shadow Crawler

There's still quite a bit of Lego goodies for this month, so to speed things up, here's the 3rd and last of the Exoforce Mecha. This time, it's a bad guy vehicle, and instead of being a humonoid shape, this mecha is a tripod of some sort.

Monday 15 March 2010

#72 of 365 Lego 8102 Exoforce Blade Titan

Yesterday, I saw the preview for Clash of the Titans. Well, this isn't anything related to the movie, but it's yet another toy for Mecha March.

#71 of 365 Masters of the Universe Classics Trap Jaw

It's Mecha March, and surprisingly, Trap Jaw, a cyborg fits in the theme. I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

Saturday 13 March 2010

#70 of 365 Lego 8183 Racers Track Turbo Radio Controlled

Quick numbers check - #59 = 28th February, so #70 = 11th March. I'm a couple of days behind. Anyways, the Vintoman himself suggested that I open this Racers set, so here it is!

Friday 12 March 2010

#69 of 365 Revotech Tetsujin 28 (043)

Revotech is an interesting Japanese line. It is based on a hinged ball joint, which is the basic joint for all the figures. But the figures in the Revotech line aren't ordinary figures, they consist of robots from a large variety of Japanese franchises. (There is also a sister line of human figures with the same concept, but I don't have any figures from that line as I'm not a huge fan of non-robot Japanese anime.)

#67 and #68 of 365 Conversion 2 random vehicles with no name

I think some actual transforming mechs should be on the cards for a month that was originally titled Mecha March, so here's a knock-off version of two Transformers Autobots (I think...)

Getting ready for TJ...

Just a teaser as to what's coming up this weekend...

Wednesday 10 March 2010

#66 of 365 Lego 8105 Iron Condor

The original idea behind March, was of course, Mechas. Today's TaD will focus on a Mecha, but this won't be a "normal" Mecha. No sireee! I'd like to dedicate this to Frad (from whom I got KG!)

1912 Europa

Just like 1910 was an expansion to the original Ticket to Ride, 1912 Europa is mainly an expansion to Ticket to Ride Europe.

Monday 1 March 2010

#61 - #65 of 365 Terminator 2 Meltdown Terminator, John Connor, Exploding T-1000, Cyber Grip, Metal-Mash Terminator

Way back in January, I showed the photo below, when I opened the Endoglow Terminator. I did say then that I'd open the rest of the figures first thing in March.

Well, it's March, so let's release these babies from their plastic prison! March Preview

Here's the deal. I'm not a MOC collector - I open all my toys. However, over the past 8 - 9 years I've been collecting toys with the intention to open them, but for one reason or another (mainly due to the lack of time), I've never opened these toys. Well, all that's about to change. For 2010, I'm opening a Toy for each day of 2010, aka Toy a Day (TaD).

To amuse myself, I'm doing theme months, where each month, I'll open toys based on a particular theme. Due to my desire for opening entire lines together, sometimes some figures will "piggyback" onto a theme figure from the same line. Also, because the only action figure toyline I'm currently collecting is the one-a-month MotUCs, these will sometimes break the theme of the month, although where possible, the theme has been chosen to reflect the figure for that month, i.e. Adora for Femme Fatale February, Trap Jaw for March.

January was gitd (and if you don't know that word yet, it's glow in the dark) January, where I opened stuff as diverse as Supernaturals to Tron. Last month, Febuary, was Femme Fatale February (thanks to an idea by Kev), where I opened toys with females in it. April heralds PoP anniversary April, June will be Justice League June, August will be Animated August and October will be Monster October.

The theme for March is March (title spelt that way thanks to me being influenced by Articulated Discussions), where the toys being opened will either be a Mecha, Mechanical or Machines based. Here's the teaser picture:

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