Monday 31 May 2010

#151 of 365 Millennium Snake Hunter He-Man

It's the last day of May, and the last day of MotU May.  I'd like to have opened a Toys R Us DCUC vs MotUC 2-pack as we transition into Justice League June, but alas, I did not manage to score one of those.  So I have to make do with another "killin teh lien" He-Man.

Sunday 30 May 2010

#150 of 365 Masters of the Universe Classics Wun-Dar

Wow, toy #150.  I guess that's a milestone of sorts.  We're still in MotU May and today I'm opening Wun-Dar.  Which Wun-Dar?  Well, there's only one version of him - Classics.

Saturday 29 May 2010

#149 of 365 NECA Rio Blast

It's the weekend!  Welcome to the penultimate day of Bionic week of MotU May here on Toy a Day.  It's been a crazy week looking at some of the most disappointing figures ever, and today I open Rio Blast!

Friday 28 May 2010

Ebay haul!

I received 3 packages a few days ago and opened them, but did not get the time to actually photograph the contents until today...

#148 of 365 Millennium Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms

Hey everyone.  It's still Bionic Week on MotU May here, and every Bionic week for MotU needs Mr. MotU Bionic himself, Man-at-Arms, particularly considering his depiction in the cartoon from the line!  I've also previously opened another Man-at-Arms.

Thursday 27 May 2010

#147 of 365 NECA Clamp Champ

Welcome back to Bionic week of MotU May, here on TaD.  This is the ultimate week for MotU May before we transition to JL June.  I'm opening Clamp Champ today, and I'd like to dedicate this to MadGearMax, who is a big fan of the millennium series.

Wednesday 26 May 2010

#146 of 365 Millennium Mecha-Blade Skeletor

Yesterday we had Mecha-Blade He-Man guest blosted (that's blog and posted) on Hobotastic.  Today, we're still on Bionic week, MotU May here at TaD and we're featuring the corresponding Skeletor - that's right, it's Mecha-Blade Skeletor.  But that's not here as well.  In the interest of showing impartiality, I'm guest blogging that also, this time at Is It Fun?  Go read it there!

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Impossible toys, doing the not-so impossible Arcee!

Thanks to Chris Sunday, I just saw this awesome, awesome news.  Impossible Toys is making a G1 Arcee, or as close to a G1 Arcee as possible.  Check out the pictures at their site.

#145 of 365 Millennium Mecha-Blade He-Man

We're still on Bionics week of MotU May, and today I'm opening Mecha-Blade He-man.  The review is on Hobotastic, so head over there to take a glimpse at it!  A word of warning, language on Hobotastic is NSFW.

Monday 24 May 2010

Toy a Day - Worldwide!

I never thought it would happen, but it did.  Last 100 hits shows hits from Delhi, India and Cairo, Egypt.  Yes, that means I've got hits from all 6 permanently inhabited continents!  Yay.

I'd like to thank a few people for the success of this blog.

Havoc and Papataz and pH6 for their support from way back when.  All of you have been regulars to the blog.

The Articulated One for the promotion on his blog, Articulated Discussions.

Whoever you guys are in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA and Brasilia, Brazil.  I know you're regulars and you spend ages on this blog.  Thanks for the support.  Please do feel free to leave a comment every now and again (even in Portuguese - I may not be able to reply in Portuguese, but I can definitely understand some).

And lastly Wes Grogan and Lemonjuice McGee, my Blog Mash Bash collaborators, for the fun times and for allowing me to play in your sandbox and boxcars.  You guys rock!

#144 of 365 Millennium Dragon Walker

It's a new week on MotU May, and this week it's Bionic week.  Well, to continue from Creature Feature last week, coupled with this week's theme, today I'm opening Dragon Walker.

Sunday 23 May 2010

#143 of 365 Millennium Bashin' Beetle

It's the end of Creature Feature week of MotU May here on Toy a Day.  As promised we're looking at the insect today.  For those expecting Buzz-Off, well, he was toy #100, and there's only one Millennium version of him.  There's no Classics Buzz-off yet, so that can't be it.  So beetle it is then!

New issues of Cereal:geek

 It's the weekend.  Busta Toons has e-published 4 new special issues of cereal:geek online.  Get them while they are still hot at

Saturday 22 May 2010

#142 of 365 NECA Webstor

It's still Creature Feature week that's part of MotU May here.  Today we feature everyone's favourite web-slinger?  Erm... guy on a string.  Yeah, that's it.  There's a bad one panel comic too, but it's not here.  It's posted on Hobotastic as part of this week's Blog Mash Bash.  Head over there to read about the sad story of Webstor.

Let's face it, you've always wanted your own Levitating Tardis - now you can get one.

It's on preorder at  It's not cheap too.  It's battery operated and there's some sort of magnetic field that makes it levitate.

Friday 21 May 2010

#141 of 365 NECA Snout Spout

We're still on Creature Feature MotU May here on Toy a Day, and today, we feature the weird character with an Elephant's head, Snout Spout.  Well, I've decided to do this as part of this week's Blog Mash Bash on Is It Fun? so head there to go read all about it and tell Wes I sent you!

Thursday 20 May 2010

Hard-On for Hard Heroes Thundercats

OK, I think I've been writing too much for Hobotastic when I come up with blog titles like that!  Anyways, Lemonjuice himself pointed me to these, so I thought I'll give him a shoutout.  I have little infomation about the statues, other than the fact that they are statues, and there seems to be a Lion-O, a Cheetara and a Mumm-Ra., althought the latter 2 have yet to be released  According to the site, the Cheetara is 11-inches tall (gotta get my mind out of the Hobotastic gutter, although I was so tempted to make another "reference" there)  and Lion-O is a whopping 14-inch (sorry!).  Mumm-Ra stands 10-inches tall and comes with a Ma-mutt.  These are cold-cast porcelain (is that the same material that they make toilets out of?  Maybe Nick will be able to tell me).  You can check them out at

Edit: There's also this announcement from Icon Heroes, but they've got nothing to show for it yet.

#140 of 365 NECA Clawful

It's Creature Feature week here on Toy a Day, and today, we have the crunchy crustacean Clawful.

Wednesday 19 May 2010

#139 of 365 Millennium Mecha-Bite Panthor

It's Creature Feature week here on MotU May.  Yesterday, we had Mecha-Bite Battle Cat.  Today I open up his evil counterpart Mecha-Bite Panthor.

Tuesday 18 May 2010

#138 of 365 Millennium Mecha-Bite Battle Cat

It's Day 2 of the Creature Feature week in MotU May, and I thought it would actually be good to have a creature as part of the Creature feature!

Mattel unveils DCUC Wave 15

Well, it was Matty release day less than 12 hours ago, and there's a bunch of frustrated and upset people who did not get their figure of choice (although this month, that figure is more likely the bonus figure than the main figure).  Mattel, as usual, has been doing damage control by releasing information about their upcoming figures in their usual attempt to divert attention from the regular release day fiasco.

First off is DCUC wave 15.

That is a weird Raven, but I like the modern Starman.  Finally the Martian Manhunter is announced.  Sinestro corps Batman is like an odd choice for the wave, but it'll throw those Green Lantern and Batman fans a bone.  What I'm most excited about is Validus! Validus!!!  Fatal Five Validus!  Wow, that's one figure I'd want to get.  Too bad he's a Collect and Connect figure, which means I'll have to get every other figure in the wave just for him.  Boohoo.

Monday 17 May 2010

Spy Monkey Creations Release Day

OK, so is releasing half a dozen figures today.  What many might not realise is that Spy Monkey Creations is releasing its new shields today as well, as first revealed on Action Figure Insider.  Head over to to purchase any one of the 5 shields.

#137 of 365 Millennium Wolf Armor He-Man & Snake Armor Skeletor 2-pack

It's the start of the Creature Feature week here on Toy a Day that's part of MotU May.  We start off the week with a two-pack (no, not a Two Bad) that consists of, well, what else, this is the millennium line after all, alternate versions of both He-Man and Skeletor.  Yawn!  This is beginning to get repetitive and boring.  There's only so many jokes I can make about a bazillion He-Man and Skeletor alternates...

Sunday 16 May 2010

Christmas comes early at Amazon Japan

Pictures of the advent sets are already showing up on Amazon Japan!  That's more than 6 months in advance.  Talk about Japanese efficiency.  The castle advent set and the city advent set are both available for viewing.

And if you're in Germany, the new Kingdoms sets has started appearing as reported by Brickset.

And that's a quick round-up of Lego news.

#136 of 365 Masters of the Universe Laser Bolt

I'm out of Royals for Royals week, so today I've just decided to do my second vintage opening this month (the first was Bionatops).  I have no idea how rare Laser Bolt is, and to be honest, I don't really care.  I already have one that's opened, but it's always good to "army build" certain vehicles, and the Laser Bolt seems to be a good one to army build.

Pictures of Lego Harry Potter sets.

It has been a while since Lego made Harry Potter sets, but with the upcoming final movie, Lego has decided to make a handful of sets for the licensed theme.

That's Hogwart's Castle (4842).  The pictures have surfaced at Toys N Bricks.  Head over there to view them.

Saturday 15 May 2010

MotUC Weapons Pak

Thsi is not a toy on its own, nor can it be played on its own, so it's not counted as part of the Toy a Day limit I'm imposing on myself.  However, is the Pak the Ultimate Battle Ground as advertised on it packaging?  Hmm...

Big Bad Toy Store

OK, so the guest blogging gig has been really great.  Lemonjuice has been offering me these air-filled life-sized "action figures".  I've noticed that there are some patches of stickiness around certain areas (the action features area?) and when I asked Lemonjuice about it, all he gives me is a vague answer about him testing out the figures to make sure they work, or something to those effect.  But I digress...

#135 of 365 Millennium Battle Raptor

It's the Royals week and I guess I'm offiicially pushing the defination of the theme today with this pick.  Battle Raptor?  What's that got to do with the Royals?  Well, since we were going so well with pairs this week, I didn't want to break up the momentum - we've had Randor vs Keldor, then Shield Strike He-Man vs Ice Armor Skeletor (both of which were guest blogged) and so I wanted a Panthor to go with Battle Cat today.  After, Panthor is Skeletor's cat, and thus like Battle Cat is sorta part of a Royal family.  But alas, my plans have been foiled, and I'm left with this Battle Raptor to place opposite Battle Cat.

Optikk and Tytus goes on sale 17th May.

Don't forget the next sale date is on the 17th of May, which is a Monday.  I'm reposting this from April for those of you who've just joined. The all-in-one page is at and I promised to tag a few people with this so that they can use it, so here it is.

Merman is a reissue/rerelease and he will come with his two heads and the corn sword. There was a debacle with his last release date - it was split over 2 dates and international buyers were being shutout for the first date, so he might prove popular, although, not extremely popular as he's at best a second tier character. I predict he'll last a couple of days, probably about the same time as reissue/release Hordak.

Tytus is the second incarnation of the figure in the line and this is the first time he'll be released as part of Classics. He will not be in the subscription, so there will be a number of people scrambling for this. However, he's a minor character at best, and he costs $30$40 (and that's excluding shipping, so about $40$50 plus shipping to the US) so he might last for a while. I predict 12 hours to a day for this figure because there will be some who would want this figure as the first incarnation was only previously available in Europe.

Optikk is the main figure of the month. He's a New Adventures figure, so demand may be lower. He's also a subscription figure, so that will drive down demand some as well. However, he comes with 2 heads and is great to army build with, so that will drive up the demand. I predict about an hour for him since Mattel is still producing low numbers of him, but being the first NA figure, he'll sell well as there are fanboys who would want to make a statement!

Also on sale that day would be a Ghostbuster (Walter Peck and the containment thing) and Batman's Two Face. Oh and Mego Green Arrow goes on sale that day as well, so there might be some competition there for bandwidth.

Be prepared for the May Matty release day!

Friday 14 May 2010

#134 of 365 Millennium Samurai Battle Cat

It's still the Royals week here for MotU May and today we'll take a look at Samurai Battle Cat, who, as we know is He-Man's cat/pet.  Now the millennium BC was not a talking cat, which is a pity.  Nevertheless this toy, which did show up in one episode of the cartoon (I think - please do comment and tell me if I'm wrong) is still awesome looking... at least while it's still in the box.

Thursday 13 May 2010

#133 of 365 Millennium Ice Armor Skeletor

It's the Royals week and we continue this week with the alt-ego of Keldor, otherwise known as Skeletor.  But this time it's not any normal Skeletor, oh noes, the millennium line isn't that simple.  Instead today we have a repaint of an alternate version of Skeletor - Ice Armor Skeletor.  I've given it the Hobotastic spin as part of the Blog Mash Bash this week, so you'll have to head over to Hobotastic to read all about it.

Wednesday 12 May 2010

#132 of 365 Millennium Shield Strike He-Man

Royal week continues with the alt-ego of Prince Adam - He-Man.  However, it's He-Man with a twist, and by that I don't mean just the pants.  The Millennium line has way too many alternate He-man, each with a slightly different armour and different weapons, so today I'm focusing on Shield Strike He-Man.  But to read all about it, you'll have to head to Is It Fun? where it appears as part of the Blog Mash Bash.

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