Tuesday 31 August 2010

#243 of 365 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ray Fillet

It's the last day of the month, but Animated August continues next month as Super Screened September, where I open toys with links to both cartoons and movies.  And today, it's the start of a mini-TMNT run, I'm starting with Ray Fillet because, he's, like Orko, and has a colour change feature.  He reminds me somewhat of Jet Ray though, which is weird.  I guess I've been watching too much Ben 10 Alien Force lately.

Toy Haul - Japanese store

There's this Japanese store that I've been meaning to go to for a while.  I just haven't had the time though.  Well, I finally made it there a couple of days ago since I was in the area...

Sunday 29 August 2010

#241 and #242 of 365 Bionic 6 Mechanic and Glove

It's still Animated August and I'm still on Bionic 6.  Basically, these characters were based on a late 80s cartoon series and the protagonists are normal humans with bionic powers.  The antagonists though, was led by what appears to be a Cyborg... and that's what I'll be opening today (antagonists, not the Cyborg).  Like Bunji and Eric from 2 days ago, I'm gonna do this 2 at a time.

Friday 27 August 2010

#239 and #240 of 365 Bionic 6 Bunji and Eric

Animated August is drawing to a close, but I still have enough stuff for another 2 months!  Eeps!  There's no theme this week, but I really wanted to get these opened and reviewed.  And just because I can, I'm doing a combined opening today so that I can take a break tomorrow.

Thursday 26 August 2010

#238 of 365 Robotech Zor Prime

And we continue Animated August with another Robotech figure, this time, another Zentraedi in the guise of Zor Prime.  I don't remember the original Macross series, but I think he's the leader of the Zentraedi or something like that who got micro-sized.  Hence his 3.5-inch figure here, which I'm opening today.

Wednesday 25 August 2010

#237 of 365 Robotech Rand

I was digging through my boxes for figures for September and October and November (yes, I'm usually about 3 months in advance for this blog, planning wise that is) and I found these while looking for Monster October toys.  Wait a minute, didn't I just open some Robotech figures a few days ago?  Yup I did, there's Dolza and the generic Zentraedi warrior.  So in my desire to open everything from the same line in one go (so that I can store them all together again), here's Rand from Robotech again, Animated August style!

Tuesday 24 August 2010

#236 of 365 MotUC Kronis (aka The Original Trap Jaw)

It's slightly more than a week after Matty release day, and this package shows up on my doorstep:

What could it be?  I've never received packages from this digital company...

Monday 23 August 2010

Super-screened September!

I'm still sorting out stuff for September - mostly the leftovers from Animated August - and I think I would still have enough Animated related stuff to continue into October and November if I wanted to.  Anyways, I do want to open my Dick Tracy stuff in September, and the Justice League leftovers from June.  So I give you the preview of Super-screened September, or the month where I'd be opening animation-related toys that had made it to the big screen.

#235 of 365 MotUC Orko and Prince Adam

I've been a regular poster at Poe Ghostal Points of Articulation forums, where I find the discussions interesting and intelligent and generally less annoying and fanboy-ish.  Just before SDCC, I posted there that I'd like a colour change SDCC Orko in the hopes that someone there will get me one.  No luck.  Well, no luck until Poe himself offered me one.  So I took up his offer (and paid him for the figure and shipping, of course).  And today I'm opening that Orko!  Thanks again, Poe!

Sunday 22 August 2010

#234 of 365 Transformers Animated Optimus Prime vs Megatron

It's Sunday, and that makes it the last day of Transformers Animated week.  I saved the best for the last of the week, and today we have "The Battle Begins" or Optimus Prime vs Megatron.  It's still Animated August here on Toy a Day!

Saturday 21 August 2010

#233 of 365 Transformers Animated Soundwave

I'm still on Transformers Animated week here on Toy a Day's Animated August.  Today, I'm opening Soundwave.

Friday 20 August 2010

Dark Arsenal and Tools

Spy Monkey Creations have just announced their new offering:

#232 of 365 Transformers Animated Starscream

I'm still on Transformers Animated week, and I've just watched the first three episode of the cartoon on Wednesday.  The cartoon was a bit boring, since there were only 5 main autobots and 5 deceepticons, but I think more is scheduled.  Anyways, today I'm opening Starscream here on Animated August.

Thursday 19 August 2010

#231 of 365 Transformers Animated Ratchet

My friend Taz has made a mention that Ratchet rhymes with hatchet.  Well, it definately doesn't rhyme with sachet, that's for sure.  But Ratchet is the toy I'm opening today, as part of Transformers Animated week over Animated August.  So what does this have to do with hatchets and sachets?

Wednesday 18 August 2010

#230 of 365 Transformers Animated Lockdown

We're still doing Transformers Animated week here on Toy A Day as part of Animated August, and today I'm opening Lockdown, a Decepticon.

The dreaded contest

It's the end of summer. I have been hunting high and low for a special prize to offer as a contest. I think I finally have it. So what's the prize? Well, here's a picture:

Yes, that's the Poe Ghostal Dread Axe of Darkness - click More to check out the contest rules.

Revoltech Evangelion 2.0 Collector's Box

There's been quite a bit of buzz over at the Japanese toy collector forums over this item.  I've no idea what's the big deal about this set, but I like the idea of the set, with 4 figures and a whole lot of accessories.


AFI has the next SMC exclusive.  Toast-Orr is a shield for MotUC, and continues the Wonderbread theme for Wun-Dar.  They previewed this shield at SDCC.

Tuesday 17 August 2010

#229 of 365 Transformers Animated Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime

For every Megatron, there's an Optimus Prime - Hasbro has always seen to that... well, usually.  And here at Toy A Day for Animated August, I'm gonna to follow Megatron with Optimus Prime - the cybertron mode prime, of course, since yesterday was Cybertron mode Megs.

Monday 16 August 2010

Matty Release day - August

It's the middle of the month, and it's time to face the dreaded WSOD monster that is mattycollector.com.  However, today, after the SDCC sale, there isn't really that much up for grabs so, hopefully things will be smoother for most.

#228 of 365 Transformers Animated Cybertron mode Megatron

It's Monday, and a new week, and I thought I'd do my first themed week this Animated August.  Yup, a theme week and this week's theme is Transformers Animated.  There was a preview yesterday for the Activators version of Bumblebee.  Today, I'm looking at the big bad villian himself, Megatron.  But not the normal version of the villian, nope, it's the Cybertron mode of the villian.

Sunday 15 August 2010

#227 of 365 Transformers Animated Bumblebee Activators

One of the most interesting cartoon series of recent times was the Transformers Animated series.  It was a reboot of the Transformers franchise and sought to remake the toys into a simplistic style that would cater more for a new generation of (younger) fans.  I like the lines on the figures and the bright primary colours, so I got a whole bunch of them.  Today, as part of Animated August, I'm opening Bumblebee, but not any Bumblebee, but an Activators Bumblebee.

Saturday 14 August 2010

Winter Village Bakery

Hot on the heels of the Winter Toy Store last year, this year Lego will be releasing the Winter Village Bakery.

It's scheduled for release in October.  Press release below:

#226 of 365 Lego 7591 Toy Story Zurg

It's Animated August, and I'm opening toys with a connection to animated series, cartoons and movies.  For the past two days I've opened Toy Story figures.  Today, it's another Toy Story "figure", but one that originates from a company in Europe.

Friday 13 August 2010

#225 of 365 Toy Story and Beyond Buzz Lightyear

It's Animated August, and I'm opening toys this month that is related to an animated form somehow.  And I do like keeping things together (which is why I'm glad I finally got to open all the Biker Mice stuff I had earlier last week) and that's also why today I'm opening the flipside of yesterday's Zurg, Buzz Lightyear.

Thursday 12 August 2010

#224 of 365 Toy Story and Beyond Zurg

It's Animated August and I'm working my way through toys which has showed up in animations and cartoons and animated movies.  There isn't a special theme this week - I'm just opening stuff that I have an interest in, but I have to say, a large part of the stuff I'm opening will probably find its way back into the box.  But how about today's figure?  Yes it is an action figure!

Wednesday 11 August 2010

#223 of 365 Revolteh YF-21 Yamaguchi

It's animated August, and I dip into the territory of the OVA - Original Video Animation - today to feature this Revoltech model, the YF-21 Yamaguchi.  It's been a while since I opened something non-Lego and non-American, so I thought I might as well break this out to "represent".  I actually got this from one of my trips to an East Asian country - I don't think it was Japan though, but I don't remember.

Tuesday 10 August 2010

Dread Axe of Darkness, now back on sale! and other things

OK, so I have no idea why Poe renamed this to Darkness when its former name was the Dread Axe of the Hordes, but I guess that's up to him at the end of the day.  Anyways, it's back for sale for it second and supposedly final run - get them while they last at Poe's Store.  But I just want to write about his sale today, although I'm sure he'd appreciate the free advertising.  Nope, I'm here to write about the actual Dread Axe of the Hordes that I got in the post the other day.

#222 of 365 Avatar: The Last Airbender Prince Zuko

We're still on Animated August, where I'm opening cartoon-based toys, and today is the second half of my Avatar opening - Prince Zuko.

Monday 9 August 2010

#221 of 365 Avatar: The Last Airbender Avatar Spirit Aang

It's a new week, and since I just watched Last Airbender over the weekend (not that good), I thought I'd just open up the 2 Avatar figures I have for Animated August.  Nope, there's no theme this week.  I'm just happily opening up animated figures.

Sunday 8 August 2010

#220 of 365 Robotech Armoured Zentraedi Warrior

Almost two-thirds of the way to the end of the year - that's the 243 day mark.  We continue today with Animated August, and there's nothing more animated (that doesn't even make sense) than Macross.

Saturday 7 August 2010

#219 of 365 Rotobech Dolza

Matchbox is well know for those almost realistic little die cast cars.  Well, Matchbox also made this line of plastic action figures.  Yes, I'm talking about the Robotech figures, and despite being owned by Mattel, Matchbox does have a few tricks up its sleeve that differentiate it from its parent.

Friday 6 August 2010


Spy Monkey Creations and Action Figure Insider announced during SDCC that there'll be a new accessory from SMC exclusive to AFI.

Doing the maths for MotUC

I had an idea way back when to list out all the figures that have had toys in the past and therefore will get made for each faction and then determine what's the average number of figures for each faction that is required to be made by Mattel every year, assuming the following things:

1. Only 1 figure will be made a month
2. Alternate costume figures (either repaints such as green Trap Jaw, or alternates to already made characters such as Starburst She-Ra) will all be bonus figures, or TRU DCUC vs MotUCs, or made available some other way such that they do not interfere with the one figure a month rule
3. The line will last till 2016 as currently planned, and as mentioned by Scott Neitlich

#218 of 365 Biker Mice from Mars Weevil

 I'm still playing "catch up".  Now I usually open the toys within the toyline all together, provided that there aren't too many toys I have unopened in that line.  However, I opened Charlie way back for Femme February and did not open Karbunkle or today's figure Weevil then.  Well, that's all about to change!

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