Thursday 30 June 2011

#545 of Year 2 Futurama Leela

What's Fry without Leela?  It took me a while to track down a Leela that's affordable.  I did buy one of her, but I gave her to someone I knew would appreciate it more than I do.  But I did want a second one, so the hunt was on.  And I'm glad I found her.

Wednesday 29 June 2011

#544 of Year 2 Futurama Fry

I never saw the Futurama figures locally, so when I saw them during my trip to the UK, I picked up Fry (and was going to pick up Bender, but got sniped on that figure while I was in the shop!).  Fry is Series 1, and each series in the Futurama line consists of two figures.

Tuesday 28 June 2011

#543 of Year 2 Lego 8804 Minifigures Werewolf

The last of the minifigures for this month.  Well, I don't think I'll be buying more, unless I know for sure that I'm going to get an Elf from Series 3 or the Viking from Series 4.

Monday 27 June 2011

Spiral Zone Tank and Courage

I've been busy with my ebay purchases... and since some of them aren't in package, well, they don't count towards my one toy a day opening limit.  Two of the recent purchases (which really had me stoked) are the Spiral Zone figures that I recently got.

#542 of Year 2 Lego 8804 Minifigures Sailor

I broke down and bought two more Series 4 minifigures yesterday.  I know these aren't Vikings, because I didn't bother checking the dots.  I guess I will just have to be surprised.

Sunday 26 June 2011

DC July preview

Last year for June and July, I opened a whole bunch of DCUC figures, and related Justice League stuff.

#541 of Year 2 Lego 8804 Minifigures Soccer Player

This is the final one of the three blind bags that I got on Friday.  I'm looking for the Viking, but I don't think there are any in the shop that I bought these from.

Saturday 25 June 2011

Bits and Bobs 20110625

Toy news are gearing up towards SDCC and it's gonna get crazy soonish with news.

#540 of Year 2 Lego 8804 Minifigures Surfer Girl

I bought three Series 4 minifigures yesterday, so it's time for me to reveal the second one today.

Friday 24 June 2011

#539 of Year 2 Lego 8804 Minifigures Hazmat Suit

I was going to open the Futurama figures today, but two things happened.  One, I decided to watch True Blood, which has been gathering on my machine, being recorded week after week while I... didn't watch.  Two, I was at the toystore earlier (because of a post in my local Lego User Group Facebook page) to check out the new Lego sets.  I walked away with these:

Thursday 23 June 2011

Jake Rockwell gun

I was given an incomplete Jake Rockwell figure in my early teens, and I really haven't tried to complete it... until recently.  I'm missing the rolling thing from the neck attachment, the chest mounted gun and the helmet.  Well, I'm one piece further to completing the figure after picking up his chest gun for 50 cents on ebay.

#538 of Year 2 Robocop Skull Hog

This is another one of my ebay purchases.  I got this because the seller was giving out shipping discounts for 3 items purchased together and I already had two gitd figures that I wanted.  Well, this was going for under $10, so I figured why not?  Besides, I just had Robocop week not so long ago and I did enjoy most of the figures.

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Centurions Ace

I have been a busy beaver on ebay and I have been trying to pick up a few extra Centurions figures to display my Assault Weapons System.  This one came in the mail the other day...

#537 of Year 2 Sectaurs Skito and Toxcid

As I always say, good things comes in twos.  Well, for the Sectaurs, they definitely come in twos as each pack has a figure and a creature.  The creatures are either steeds or accessories.  Yesterday's Trancula was a steed.  Today's Toxcid is an accessory.

Tuesday 21 June 2011

#536 of Year 2 Sectaurs Skulk and Trancula

The Sectaurs have always freaked me out.  I never watched the cartoons as a kid, or even got the toys.  But there's a whole bunch of people who have fond memories of the toyline, so I thought that as an adult, I should at least give it a try.

Monday 20 June 2011

#535a of Year 2 MotU Blade

I have been buying a few items on ebay recently and they have just started arriving.  This arrived at about the same time as Catra....

#535 of Year 2 MotUC Catra

This is a bit overdue, but I had a few themed weeks beforehand and this is the first slot that I've had to actually write about her, even though I opened her up a month ago when I actually got her.

Sunday 19 June 2011

#534 of Year 2 Revoltech Toy Story Buzz Lightyear

It's Sunday, and the last day of Toy Story week for 2011.  I don't think I'll have another Toy Story week after this as the franchise has seen its last legs and there aren't that many Toy Story stuff that I'd want to get anyways.

Saturday 18 June 2011

#533 of Year 2 Revoltech Toy Story Woody

It's the weekend, and I'm gonna close out Toy Story week with the two Revoltech figures.  Today, I start with Woody, the 60s cowboy toy from the movie, and given the Japanese makeover.

Friday 17 June 2011

#532 of Year 2 Toy Story Aliens

It's Friday, and today I'm going with a two-pack for Toy Story week.  It's the cute and cuddly (OK, not), squeezy Aliens who first made their debut in the first Toy Story movie (You have been chosen!), and they've always been the fun characters and the comic relief of the entire franchise.

Thursday 16 June 2011

#531 of Year 2 Toy Story Lotso (SDCC 2010)

It's Matty release day today, and it's also Toy Story week here.  So I thought I'd commemorate both (I'm not sure celebrate would be a description for a Matty release day) and open a Matty and SDCC exclusive, a flocked strawberry-smelling Lotso!

Wednesday 15 June 2011

June 2011 Matty Release day

Mattel is putting out new product today on their online toy store... well, not the Barbie one, but the mattycollector one.  And for those who do not have a subscription, they will have to face the WSOD to get the fourth Ghostbuster, Teela with a new hair colour to match her bikini, and the not-so-aptly named Faceless One.

The Faceless One, or Nick Powers, is Evil-Lyn's father.  He was first shown in the MYP cartoon series, and has been retconned to be the guardian of the Havoc Staff and the Ram Stone.  The toy does have a face, albeit in a rather Phantom-of-the-opera type of way, but Mattel and the Four Horsemen has tried to make it better since it was first shown by doing weird paint tricks.  He's a subscription figure, and one with no links to the vintage line, so he might last around a bit.  He's basically a bone for the millennium fans.

Battleground Teela, or Golden Bikini Teela is based on her depiction in a minicomic.  In that minicomic, she had blonde hair and this golden bikini, complete with furry pants.  Mattel decided to release her in this costume with a rather weird bio about how she took over from the Sorceress by shedding her clothes and wearing just her underwear.  OK, I kid about that part.  Seriously though, they neither explain her new costume, nor the change in hair colour.  Oh well.  Battleground Teela is a bonus figure and that's part of the subscription, so agian, she shouldn't be in that great a demand, but I forsee that she'll sell out before the Faceless One.

Grizzlor is one of the two rereleases/reissues today from the MotUC line.  He sold out at a lethargic pace... well, lethargic that is, when compared to the 5 minute sell-outs for some figures, so he might stay around for a couple of days this time.  Which means I could get 10 more of him for my naked Grizzlor army!  Hooray.  Grizzlor also features parts to display him as either his vintage version or this millennium version, and of course, his face can be repainted to become the black face variant!

Whiplash is the other reissue/rerelease for the day, and this is the second time that he's being offered.  I have no idea if this is extra customer service stock or a fresh new run.  Whiplash, like Grizzlor, also contains enough parts (and in this case an extra head) to be displayed either as his vintage form or his millennium form.  No, he does not have parts to be converted into King Ceratus (or whatever the King's name is).  He'll probably last for a bit, and I think I might pick up one of him to attempt to make Ceratus.

There's also some doll with a removable green costume and the aforementioned fourth Ghostbuster for sale on the same day.  For a change, the doll might sell out before anything on this list!

#530 of Year 2 Toy Story Chunk

It's day three of Toy Story week, and I'm opening Chunk, which seems to be a rather odd name for a toy, but oh well, that's what he's called.

Tuesday 14 June 2011

Rex (Toy Story): Here comes the King - Repost

It's Toy Story week, so I thought I'd do a repost of the first ever review I did for Lemonjuice McGee's Hobotastic Toy Review (RIP).  This is also my most popular post there based on pageviews.

*This entry comes courtesy of Duke Novelty Nostalgia of Toy A Day fame.  Read on and be amazed! – Lemonjuice McGee

Mention Toy Story and most will remember Buzz Lightyear or Woody or even the grumpy old prospector.  But will anyone be able to name the dinosaur who’s best friend with the piggy bank?  Probably not.  Here’s a quick review for Rex, the comic relief dinosaur from the Toy Story movies.

#529 of Year 2 Toy Story 3 Twitch

It's Toy Story week and I finally get to open the Toy Story 3 character that I voted as one of my top 10 MotUC, partially in jest, but also partially because this is a well thought out character.  I really wish the 5-inch character was a lot more articulated, but it isn't, so I settled for the 3-inch version of the character.

Monday 13 June 2011

Toy Story week

A quick preview to show what's coming up this week... it's the same franchise, but the toys are from three different companies located on three different continents.

#528 of Year 2 Lego 7593 Toy Story Buzz's Star Command Spaceship

It's Monday, and it's the start of Toy Story week.  Toy Story was the toyline that was the winner of the poll voted on by the peeps at the forums to decide which toyline I'll be opening this month.  And we start of the week with a continuation of sorts from last week with Lego Toy Story!

Sunday 12 June 2011

#527a of Year 2 Lego 626 System Green Base Plate

Another day, another base plate to open.  This one is from a while back and it even bears the older 3-digit set number of 626.  As usual, accessories dont' count towards my toy a day limit!  Hooray!

#527 of Year 2 Lego 7279 City Police Minifigure Collection

It's Sunday, and the final day of Lego week for this month.  It has been Lego City Police for the past two days, so I thought I might as well continue the theme with another Police set.  This one though, is not a Special Edition.

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