Friday 30 April 2010

#120 of 365 Millennium Venom-Spitting Khan

Well, the core of the Snakemen has been opened. Today we start with the non-core, including this character who was not part of the Snakemen in the vintage line, but is part of the Snakemen in the Millennium line.

Mattel has posted the first looks of the carded Marzo

Count Marzo is not a bonus figure, but will be the first the new sculpts based on the Millennium series.  Mattel has released pictures of the figure on the card including the bio on Facebook.  Check it out there.  The figure is nice, but a bit bland.  I'm not sure of the Hordak colours on him - I would have thought that there'd be some bluish/purplish tint to the highlights on him... but maybe that was difficult or wouldn't have make him look good.   Still, this version looks a bit plain to me.  I wonder if he comes with some black flowers...

I'm not sure I like the bio - Marzo banishing Miro and being defeated by Keldor and Randor?  Does Keldor, before he became Skeletor, even have that much power to trap Marzo in the guise of an old man?  What are the connections between Miro and Marzo?  It raises a lot more questions from the information that is revealed.

Pixel Dan and Optikk

Pixel Dan has finally reviewed Optikk!  Hmm... I now understand why Twitter was made!

Thursday 29 April 2010

#119 of 365 NECA Tung Lashor

We are at mid-week and so far it's been a great Snakemen week, with Sssqueeze, Snake Face and The General/Rattlor being opened this week. I've like two out of the three so far, and find the third acceptable. As I turn to today's figure, will I continue the trend to like the figure for today, or will he go down in flames?

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Busta Toons present Granita

Busta Toons (yes, that Busta Toons) has a blog where he talks about the MotU-verse cartoons.  A while back, he posted a tidbit about Granita.  Head over there to read about her, and while you're there, please feel free to click on the links so that the site can be self supported.

#118 of 365 Millennium The General

The good thing about the Snakemen is that unlike the Horde, 3 of the figures did make it into the main line (and thus, are not stactions). Today's figure is The General, or Rattlor as he's better known as.

Lego Collectible Minifigs Q&A on Brickset

There's been quite some questions about these since these are not your usual Lego product.  I recommend Brickset's Q&A which will hopefully clear up the air.  If you have any further questions, you could always ask the webmasters there as well.

Tuesday 27 April 2010

Pendragon's Post - Latest MotUC reviews

Pendragon's Post has the latest review of Wun-Dar, Evil Lyn and the Weapons Pak.  Check out how he uses the Pak.  My favourite picture is shown below.

#117 of 365 NECA Snake Face

It's Day 2 of Snakemen Week of Anniversary April/MotU May. Yesterday, we had Sssqueeze, today we get his compadre, Snake Face.

Monday 26 April 2010

You mean the world to me :)

Today marks the first day since the beginning of the blog when this happened.

Evil Lyn and Wun-Dar reviews at

Evil Lyn with long black hair? No this is not a variant. Check out the review for Lyn and Wun-Dar at I assure you they are wun-dar-ful. LOL.

#116 of 365 NECA Sssqueeze

Welcome to Snakemen week. For those just joining the party, I'm opening a toy a day in themed months (more or less) and this month happens to be Anniversary April. We'd be moving on to Masters of the Universe May though and this is the transition week. I'm breaking down this two months period into themed weeks as well, and last week was Attack of the "killin teh lien" Clones week. This week, it's Snakemen week.

We kick off this week with Sssqueeze. Sssqueeze never did make it to the main Millennium line as an action figure, instead he (it?) received the NECA staction treatment and was produced as a statue instead of an action figure.

Sunday 25 April 2010

#115 of 365 Millennium Serpent Track Mekaneck

It's the last day of Attack of the "killin teh lien" clones, and well, today we have something that I think will have no redemption at all. Yes, NONE AT ALL. Or not!

Saturday 24 April 2010

#114 of 365 Millennium Tri-Klops Repaint

We are almost at the end of Attack of the "killin teh lien" clones week. The pattern so far this week has me alternating heroic and evil warriors, and today I'm not going to make an exception.

Savage Beast He-Man

Neutro on forums just posted photos of this, which I absolutely fell in love with. I guess my Wun-Dar will be losing his black Zodac armour for this nice dirty-yellow Beastman armour. When the Pak was first announced, many decried the brownish-yellow Beastman armour. Now I see that Mattel actually had more in mind than what fans expected!

Friday 23 April 2010

#113 of 365 Millennium Battle Glove Man-At-Arms

Welcome to Attack of the "killin teh line" clones week. Today we have Battle Glove MAA. At first look, BG MAA may be an alternate, but on closer inspection, he's just the old MAA repacked with a few extra accessories!

Hobotastic is dead, man! Long live Deadman?

Lemonjuice has been working on the railroad in a country where the grass is blue. Nevertheless, he's taken his time and have written up one of his recent purchases. Read all about DCUC's Deadman. It's a pity it's not the gitd version though.

Is it Fun??? Millennium Skeletor

OK, so he's so last decade, but sometimes I forget that there are still people picking these up for the first time. My mate Wes recently did so and has a nice review of the Overlord of Evil (No, not JVS3!) on his blog. I diagree with him on a few points, but that shouldn't stop anyone from enjoying what he's posted, particularly Millennium fans. Go clickity-click over there, and tell him I sent you!

Optikk, Tytus, Merman in May

Wow, it's less than a week after the Evil-Lyn release day and matty has already updated their site with May's figures page. The all-in-one page is at and I promised to tag a few people with this so that they can use it, so here it is.

Merman is a reissue/rerelease and he will come with his two heads and the corn sword. There was a debacle with his last release date - it was split over 2 dates and international buyers were being shutout for the first date, so he might prove popular, although, not extremely popular as he's at best a second tier character. I predict he'll last a couple of days, probably about the same time as reissue/release Hordak.

Tytus is the second incarnation of the figure in the line and this is the first time he'll be released as part of Classics. He will not be in the subscription, so there will be a number of people scrambling for this. However, he's a minor character at best, and he costs $30$40 (and that's excluding shipping, so about $40$50 plus shipping to the US) so he might last for a while. I predict 12 hours to a day for this figure because there will be some who would want this figure as the first incarnation was only previously available in Europe.

Optikk is the main figure of the month. He's a New Adventures figure, so demand may be lower. He's also a subscription figure, so that will drive down demand some as well. However, he comes with 2 heads and is great to army build with, so that will drive up the demand. I predict about an hour for him since Mattel is still producing low numbers of him, but being the first NA figure, he'll sell well as there are fanboys who would want to make a statement!

Also on sale that day would be a Ghostbuster (Walter Peck and the containment thing) and Batman's Two Face. Oh and Mego Green Arrow goes on sale that day as well, so there might be some competition there for bandwidth.

Be prepared for the May Matty release day!

Thursday 22 April 2010

#112 of 365 Millennium Beastman Repaint

Well, it was Stratos yesterday, so here's a "killin teh lien" Beastman to go along with that Stratos. Welcome to Attack of the "killin teh lien" clones week. There are many different types of "killin teh lien" figures - we've met the alternates like Mega Punch He-Man and Fire Armor Skeletor, re-issues with extra parts like Sky Strike Stratos, and now today, the third type, repaints!

Wednesday 21 April 2010

#111 of 365 Sky Strike Stratos

The Millennium MotU line was plagued with multitutes of the Attack of the "killin teh lien" clones. It started as early as Jungle Attack He-Man close to the beginning of the line and continued on even to the green cards. Welcome to day 3 of me opening something from Attack of the "killin teh lien" clones. Today, it's Stratos, or to be more precise, Sky Strike Stratos.

Keldor's Production Numbers

Matty posted the following on Facebook:

I heard some of you are wondering about Keldor's production numbers and here's the deal... The bonus figures have a different set of production numbers compared to the subscription figures. Keldor's numbers are similar to Battle Armor He-Man who hung around for a few days. If Keldor sells out fast, we'll look at a second run just as we would any other sold out hot figure. Hope that helps.

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Release Day Loot - Evil-Lyn, Weapons Pak, Wun-Dar

This was the craziest Matty Release day. Originally, it was supposed to be on the 15th of the month as usual, but it was pushed back because Mattel wanted time (for Digital Rivers?) to fix thing. Well, apparently things weren't fixed, judging from the comments elsewhere, which is a pity. This blog isn't about that! I want to write about the loot I got this release day since, well, it's the first time this year that I've actually been able to get something from despite internet problems.

#110 of 365 Millennium Fire Armor Skeletor

It's the Attack of the "killin teh line" clones week. Yesterday was He-man, so to be fair, today I opened a Skeletor. Well, it's not disco Skeletor!

Monday 19 April 2010

It's Evil Lyn day!

My internet connection has decided to crap out today. Right when it's release day too. I guess something is going to prevent me from ordering something today again. Well, I guess maybe next month I'll finally be able to get something from Today I seriously doubt I'd be able to get anything, although I'll try to.

For those of you without a slow internet connection, you can head over to to find all the product on sale today. Happy Matty release day. Here's hopeing the WSOD does not bite you in the arse.

Action figures for How to Train a Dragon

I haven't seen these in the stores, and I know the movie has been out for a while now. Are there any toys to the animated movie? Come on, every movie these days, especially those targetted at kids have spawned a toy line. So where are the toys?.

Well, apparently Wal-mart and Amazon. But not anywhere near me. Oh well.

#109 of 365 Millennium Mega Punch He-Man

Welcome to the start of the "killin teh line" alternate variants week. This week, I'd be focusing on opening either repaints of existing figures or alternate mode figures of the Millennium line, figures which, according to most, caused the extinction of the line.

Sunday 18 April 2010

MotUC Gorpo Speculation

I posted a Gorpo Speculation thread on and so far it's got some rather good response. Faker II actually photoshopped a Gorpo there as well.

Wow, now I really would like a MotUC Gorpo!

Reissue/Re-release King Grayskull

ToyGuru, aka Scott Neitlich posted the following on forums

We've confirmed a few times that yes Grayskull will be back as a non subscription figure in Q4 2010. This was kinda our last shot since in 2011 all the figures will be in the subscription and we didn't want to release him in 2011 as part of the sub when some fans already have him.

This way by releasing him as the last non sub figure in 2010 it leaves fans open to choose whether or not they want him.

We did plus him up with an improved deco, some extra little surprises, and slightly different accessories including one all new accessory that is way cool.


Improved Deco and extra accessories. Now that's interesting. I wonder if he'll be the September Bonus figure.

Confirmation email for Wun-Dar and the map

I finally got my confirmation email for Wun-Dar and the Eternian map from my subscription. That was a relief, as this is the first month that the subscription will be charged to my new credit card, after my last credit card expired. I'm relieved.

#108 of 365 Millennium Man-E-Faces

I wanted to open a red carded figure today, and decided that Man-E-Faces needs to be freed from his plastic prison. Yay!

Collectable Lego minifigs previews

Brickset is reporting that review samples are being given out for the first batch of collectable Lego minifigs. More news there about the "chinese feel" of the minifigs and how to identify the which minifig is in which bag.

As for me? I doubt I'll be collecting all the minifigs, but I'd like to get a few of the selected figures, so the news that we can identify the figures by the packaging gives me some hope. Unless, of course, Lego decides to do away with that...

No Prince Adam with Orko as an accessory.

Matty published a Q&A on Facebook for the SDCC items. There are a number of items there that was a relief for me to read. However, knowing how fickle Mattel can be, fan complaints might cause Mattel to change their mind between now and then. We shall see what happens.

I was extremely relieved to read the following:

5) Will Orko be sold on the site as the two-pack or will he and Adam be sold separately?

The online version will also include Prince Adam with no change to package. The only change will be that Orko and his book will not have the color change feature.
That's a relief. It means there won't be a Prince Adam version with Orko as the accessory on in addition to the Orko with Prince Adam. Two different variants of the same thing could cause the figure to sell out even faster than usual - witness Mossman. And both Orko and Prince Adam has got more "star" power than Mossman, which means demand for these will be high. Hopefully it means I'll get a good chance of getting an Orko from come August 2nd.

Saturday 17 April 2010

#107 of 365 Millennium Spitbull

I guess it's about time for a vehicle or a creature, and I can't decide which one I should open, so I picked the Spitbull, because it's both a creature and a vehicle. Apparently.

Friday 16 April 2010

#106 of 365 NECA Mosquitor

Day 5 of Horde week, and today I'm going to open Mosquitor! As I mentioned yesterday, it's a pity that I don't have an unopened version of Modulok to complete the Infamous Horde 5, but oh well, we can't all have everything, but we can all read this review I'm writing about Mosquitor, after I open him.

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