Sunday 31 October 2010

Nostalgia November First Week

I wanted to do a few preview photos since I have them so these will be opened next week:

#304 of 365 Addams Family Fester

It's Halloween!  And just to celebrate, here's everyone's favourite uncle who loves to blow things off... wait... blow things up, Fester!  Welcome to the final day of Monster October here on Toy a Day!

Saturday 30 October 2010

Revoltech Skeleton Army

Since today is Halloween, and since I have a passing interest in Japanese Revoltech stuff, here's something slated for a January 2011 release.

Friday 29 October 2010

#303 of 365 Addams Family Lurch

It's the home stretch.  I think I'm way past halfway through my stash of toys, but I really have no idea.  Toy #301 is this one, Lurch from the Addams Family and the figure should need no introduction.  He's just the big hulkish butler of the family with a bass voice that is rarely heard.

#302 of 365 Addams Family Morticia

Wow, I'm at #302.  Almost there!  I can't wait to get to the end of the year.  I pass over Morticia in Femme February because even then, I knew I wanted her and the rest of her family for Monster October.  Welcome to Toy a Day, and if you're reading this for the first time, I'm opening a toy for each day of the year, and I'm trying to do that in themed months.  This Halloween (extended) weekend, I've decided to open my collection of 4 Addams Family figures, and today's figure is Morticia.

Thursday 28 October 2010

#301 of 365 Addams Family Gomez

We cap off Monster October with the Addams Family... and we start off with the man himself, Gomez!  Now Gomez should need no introduction - he's after all the head of the household, and has a penchant for duelling, dancing and deadpan humour.

Wednesday 27 October 2010

#300 of 365 Revoltech Jack Skellington

It's the final week of Monster October, and yesterday I opened a gitd ghost.  Today, I'm opening this citizen of Halloweentown, which thanks to Tim Burton has lots of pumpkins and is great for this time of the year.  Everyone should know Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas and thanks to Revoltech, we now have a highly detailed and articulated version of the character.

Tuesday 26 October 2010

#299 of 365 Muppets Uncle Deadly

It's Tuesday and I finish part 2 of 2 of my Muppets yesterday-today.  Yesterday I opened the scary antromophic prawn Pepe.  Today, it's something a bit more sinister.  It's Uncle Deadly, the phantom of the Muppets show, and a gitd ghost!  Welcome to Monster October here on Toy a Day!

Monday 25 October 2010

#298 of 365 Muppets Vacation Pepe

It's a new week, and I'd like to have done a Muppets week, but since I barely have enough figures for half a week, well, I have to make do with what I have.  When life gives me a prawn, I make a Pepe out of it!  And why is this here?  Because I was once told that Muppets give some people the creeps.  Welcome to Monster October!

Mad Scientist Time Freaks Bonehead Watch!

This isn't really a toy, but it's part of a lesser known toyline known as Mad Scientist.  The toyline even had a cartoon series at some point in the late 80s.  Anyways, since this is not a toy, it doesn't really count towards the total.  Now, I got a whole bunch of Mad Scientist stuff, when I was building my Mad Scientist site at Duke Nostalgia a long time back.  That site was mainly for Lego 80s catalogue scans, Centurions toys and Mad Scientist.  This watch is actually featured there as well.

Sunday 24 October 2010

#297 of 365 Ben 10 Action Cruiser

It's the final day of Ben 10 fortnight, and as promised, here's the best and biggest Ben 10 toy that I have to open for this fortnight.  The Action Cruiser was featured in almost every episode of Alien Force and it was only in the final episode that it was shown to be transformable.  How does the toy stack up?

Saturday 23 October 2010

Nostalgia November Preview

Well, it's close to the close of October.  Next month is Nostalgia November where I open toys from the 80s and early 90s (which is pretty much every month here it seems...)  Here's the preview shot.

#296 of 365 Ben 10 Big Chill

It's almost the end of the Ben 10 fortnight and today I'm opening not just a figure, but it also has a "vehicle" as well.  It's Big Chill's turn at the spotlight for Monster October here, and I can't wait to get this going.  Big Chill was one of the more used Aliens (no Lemonjuice, not that way) of Alien Force - there was even an entire episode that centred on him.  He's a ghostly sort of figure and powers include flight, intangibility, invisibility and a frost breath.

Friday 22 October 2010

Ben 10 fortnight logo

And since I've finally managed to open Jet Ray, here's the Ben 10 logo as promised.  It's a bit blurry though, I think I need better photography skills.

#295 of 365 Ben 10 Jet Ray

It's almost the weekend, that means it's almost the end of the second week of the Ben 10 fortnight here on Toy a Day's Monster October.  And we quickly move into "Series 3" or what has been rebranded as Ben 10 Alien Force, with one of the most used alien of the series, Jet Ray.

Thursday 21 October 2010

Pre Holiday shopping?

My toy store was on sale, so I sauntered in and picked up a few things...

#294 of 365 Ben 10 Vilgax

Finally, we move to Series 2 of Ben 10.  I've only one figure from this series, which had figures made from coloured transparent plastic and I'm opening him today as part of Ben 10 fortnight, which in turn forms part of Toy A Day's Monster October.  But you probably know that already.

Wednesday 20 October 2010

MotUC Toy a Day

I'm still trying to figure out which MotUC characters would be good to spell out "TOY A DAY".  MotUC is fully articulated, which means most letters are easy peasy to make.  The letter D is what I can't figure out.  Bow with his bow might be an option, but he's not yet available and won't be available until January.  If you have any suggestions, not just for the D, but for the other letters as well, please comment below.  Thanks!

Here's what I have so far:

T: Any character, holding their arms out to the sides
O: Orko, of course.  He has the O painted on his chest.
Y: Keldor holding 2 swords
A: Teela and Green Goddess facing each other with their staves touching at the top
D: Help!
A: Surprisingly Randor's cape and his sword makes a very good A
Y: Whiplash holding both his weapons

#293 of 365 Ben 10 Six Six

We are still on the first series of Ben 10 toys as we power through the second week of Ben 10 fortnight.  It's part of Toy a Day's Monster October, and today's figure is the robotic bounty hunter known as Six Six, or Sixsix or 66.

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Back to the Mattel Future? (Edit: Confirmed)

Shocker Toys has just posted on their facebook page that Mattel has signed the license agreement to make Back to the Future toys.  That news has yet to be confirmed by Mattel and the studio that holds the rights to the Back to the Future franchise (Universal).  If the rumours are true, it would be good news for fans, who have been clamouring for toys from the movie trilogy.

#292 of 365 Ben 10 Tetrax

One of the first few Alien allies that Ben had is this guy that I'm opening today, a guy which was named Tetrax in the latter episodes.  That name is not mentioned on the title card though.  Welcome to the second week of Ben 10 fortnight of Monster October.

#4 by 3B, The Wolfman Mez-Itz, Wolfman

Hello toy fans, 3B from Killer B Hive here again with another review. By now you know it's "Monster October" here on Toy A Day, taking a look at some awesome action figures with some monstrous ties and origins! So because I love to play along, I decided to chime in with a monster review of my own. When I think of scary good ghoulies, I always remember the classic Universal monsters and today I'm going to review one of my favorites: the Wolfman! Now you may notice this is a "designer vinyl" figure, so bear with me as this is the first time I review such a toy. Let's take a look!

Monday 18 October 2010

New Logo

So, the other day I was playing around with the Ben 10 stuff and at some point I said to myself, that's the letter T!  Then it made me think, what does T stand for?  Toy a Day, of course!  And that was the start of the idea for the new logo.  It's made up of Swamp Thing figures, since these were lying around the table.  I'll make a Ben 10 one for the final week of Monster October.

Now, I need to figure out how to make the blog logo change on each page load...

#291 of 365 Ben 10 Kevin 11

Series 1 also had quite a few non-Ben characthers, including this Monster, Kevin E. Levin.  Welcome to the second week of the Ben 10 fortnight of Monster October her on Toy a Day!

Sunday 17 October 2010

Time to start saving for January...

Toyguru posted this on the MattyCollector forums:

Oh, and while I have everyone on the line, a few updates:
Jan 18th:
Bow (2011 sub figure)
Shadow Beast (2011 sub quarterly beast/multipack)
Palace Guards (2010 item delated slightly)
Castle Grayskull stands (reissue)
Evil Lyn reissue

Feb 15:
Vikor (2011 sub figure)
Other reissues to be announced
(and ideally Preternia He-Man will ship with the map)

March 15:
King Hssss (sub figure)
Battle Armor Skeletor (sub quarterly variant)
Other reissues to be announced

April 15:
New Male Masters of the Universe member (to be announced soon)
Panthor (quarterly subscription beast)
Weapons Rak ($15.00) (not part of subscription)

So, Shadow Beasts and Palace Guards and Castle Grayskull stands, of which the latter 2 has to be purchased from matty on release day?  Aaaaaargh!  New info there (at least for me) are the release dates for Panthor and the Rack (why did they spell it as Rak?) in April.

#290 of 365 Ben 10 Upchuck

It's Ben 10 fortnight here on Toy a Day's Monster October, and we cap off the first week of the fortnight with another of Ben's aliens - still from the first series, albeit one that's hardly used in that series due to its late debut - Upchuck.

Saturday 16 October 2010

Recent acquisitions from the Japanese Toy Import Store

So, I found this store the other day, and I was alerted that they had new stock, so earlier in the week, I paid them a visit and made the following purchases:

#289 of 365 Ben 10 XLR8

Let's see, Ben 10 figure for Ben 10 fortnight.  Check.  Original 10?  Check.  Monster Alien for Monster October.  Check.  Welcome to Toy A day as I continue Ben 10 fortnight as half of Monster October.  Today's figure is the 1337 named XLR8.

Friday 15 October 2010

#288 of 365 Ben 10 Heatblast

It's Friday, and we're still on the first week of Ben 10 fortnight here on Toy a Day.  It's still Monster October and today, we look at a rather fiery alien monster which got reused not once but twice later on in the line (as Kevin and later as Alan).  Let's have a blast with Heatblast!  Phew, it's hot in here!

October 2010 Matty Release day.

Whaddaya know, it's another middle of the month and that means WSOD time.  Only MotUC is on sale today, and nothing else.  Wow, it's a slow month for Matty today what with only 2 MotUC figures.  One's a subscription figure, the other is a rerelease/reissue that was around for quite a bit of time, so hopefully things shouldn't be too crazy for those hoping to get these figures today.  As for me?  This is the first month this year that I'm gonna sit out on the WSOD experience.

Roboto is the subscription figure.  He returns to a remake of a vintage figure for the first time in months, but he is a subscription figure.  He's not really an army builder, but he may be someone's favourite so there might be some fans getting more than one copy, but probably not a lot.  One of the main reasons is that the shoulders are backwards apparently, and any fixes will be carried out by Mattel with the reissue/rerelease, so most fans are holding off until then.

Zodac is the reissue/rerelease figure at first glance... but actually, he's not.  He's the left over copies of the first run Zodac figure that was available last year, so there are probably less of him than usual for sale today.  Those who missed out on him will have a chance at the first release version of him, but there shouldn't be too many of collectors in this category.  He would probably sell out before Roboto though!

So there's this month's Matty Release Day, but I'm not going to make it a point to be on my computer at noon, so it doesn't really matter to me what happens.  I hope everyone who's going onto the site today, including my arch-nemesis Lemonjuice from Hobotatic, will be able to get the figures that they want.
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