Monday, 11 October 2010

#284 of 365 Ben 10 Fourarms

Welcome to a new week!  We are still on Monster October here on Toy a Day and this week, or rather this fortnight is Ben 10 fortnight.  That's right, 14 toys over 2 weeks in October.  I'm pretty psyched up about this.  I finally get to open the Ben 10 stuff.  And today we start with one of Ben's favourites - Fourarms.

Fourarms is one of Ben's 10 original aliens, and as such, he comes on the first series card.  The back of the card shows the toys of the first series, and is common throughout the first series.  The front of the card gets a bit messy.  The logo is on the top right instead of the top left, but that's only because the top left is taken up by the lenticular erm... pog?

It's round and it does look like a pog, although it's bigger than what I remember pogs to be.  And a pog isn't a degretory Australian term for a Brit - that's a Pom.  A pog is well, lemme point you to hobotastic for the nastiness of a pog.

The front is messy and it's taken up by the Viewmaster reel as well as two stickers.  Could Bandai be any more retro?  Viewmaster slides?  Really?

Out of the card, well, it's just a 3-and-a-bit inch figure and the two accessories, which really doesn't do much for the figure.  The figure has more articulation than usual, thanks to his extra limbs - swivel neck, shoulders on the upper and lower arms and hips, and hinged elbows on the upper arms and knees.  The lack of ankle joints means that his range of motion isn't great.  The lack of elbow joints on his lower arms make those arms almost useless as well.

The figure is simple, and is almost not sculpted or painted.  What litle paint there is on the figure, including on the face is adequate.  Bandai though, decided to paint the back of the figure, which is a plus.  Another plus is that the omnitrix symbol is made from a translucent plastic.

I'm think this figure is a lot better in the package than out of it.  Nevertheless, it still looks bright and shiny and cartoony, but it fails on posability as it is comparable to a toy from 2 decades ago.  Oh and the plastic on the toy has a rather strong pungent smell that was really unpleasant.


  1. My (actually, my son's) toy has a problem - the bottom left arm keeps popping off. It snaps back in, but it's really annoying. What about QC on yours?

  2. Nothing pops off on mine, but I haven't been playing much with them yet.

  3. Would have been better off with a matte plastic. Seems like many of the Ben 10 toys are lacking in various areas. How much do they cost?

  4. Under S$10 I think. S$7.90 or something like that.


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