Wednesday 30 June 2010

#181 of 365 DCUC Spectre

Wave 12 of DCUC continues this week here on Justice League June.  Yes, I know we're running out of June, and that this week will eat into July, but you know what?  I'm opening toys and I say, I'll open the rest of Wave 12 this week, even if it takes me until July to do it!

Today, it's the turn for Figure 2 of Wave 12, which is my favourite figure in the wave, Spectre.  Sometimes I misspell him as Sceptre as well, so if you see that, know that I mean Spectre.  Now Spectre is God's spirit of vengence, and had a dead human host of some sort.  That host was Hal Jordan at one point, but I have no idea who it is currently.

Tuesday 29 June 2010

#180 of 365 DCUC Eclipso

Yes I know it's Tuesday, and I started the week off with a Blog Mash Bash over at Is It Fun?  That's because I wanted to end this week with the last figure of this wave.  Welcome to DCUC Wave 12 week here on the final week of Justice League June.

And the first figure today is Eclipso.  Not because he's great or anything, but because Mattel in their infinite wisdom decided to number him as Figure 1 in the wave.  Who is Eclipso?  Some villian, I'm going to guess, I really have no idea.  I've never met him in the comics I've read, and I was a bit apprehensive about getting him because he's such an unknown to me.

Monday 28 June 2010

#179 of 365 Batman Begins Action Wing Batman

Batman is one of those figures who span multiple toylines from multiple companies.  He's been featured on TV, in the cinemas, comics, books, novels, underpants, you name it, he's there.  Today I'm going to open this Batman Begins (I think it's Batman Begins) Batman based on Christian Bale (I think it's Christian Bale) today.

Sunday 27 June 2010

#178 of 365 JLU Martian Manhunter (3 Pack)

It's Justice League June and I did promise a JLU 3-pack today, so here's Martian Manhunter.  Now, for those who don't know, the Martian Manhunter is from the planet Mars (duh!) and has a humanoid shape while on earth.  He's a shape shifter though, so that's not his original form.  His original Martian form has a pointy head.  He has all of Superman's powers plus telepathy and invisibility an intangibility and a few other powers, so he should be a lot powerful than Superman since he does not have a Kryptonite fetish... erm.. weakness.  His only weakness is heat and fires, although I think they got rid of that somewhat.

Saturday 26 June 2010

#177 of 365 JLU Atom

Finally, a Justice League Unlimited figure for Justice League June, here on Toy a Day.  I guess I'm cutting it close.  There's only a few more days left to June.  Today, it's the dimunitive Atom that's the JLU that I'm opening and so without further ado...

Friday 25 June 2010

#176 of 365 Batman Beyond The Jokerz

I know, I know, I should be getting to the Justice League stuff soon, but I just can't help it, this Jokerz was calling out to me, luring me with the holographic Batman logo.

Havoc MotUC customs

First and foremost, Happy Birthday Havoc!  I hope you have a fun filled day.  This is just a picture show and tell about some great MotUC customs that my good friend Havoc did.  He recently showed them off after I made a request, so I thought it best to show them off here as well.

Thursday 24 June 2010

#175 of 365 C3 Mini Batmobile

So, yesterday we had the Nightwing mini-Flyer.  Today, we finish off with the mini-Batmobile from Art Asylum's C3 line.  It's still Justice League June for those keeping track here on Toy a Day, and I'm taking a break from DCUC this week... well, mostly.  So far I've been succeeding though.

Wednesday 23 June 2010

#174 of 365 C3 Nightwing Mini Flyer

Art Asylum probably still has the minimates license for the DC Universe, and a while back they produced vehicles for the minimates under the brand C3.  I picked up 3 sets and this is one of them.  Just for those who are keeping track, this is still Justice League June here on Toy a Day.

Tuesday 22 June 2010

#173 of 365 DCUC Adam Strange and Starfire

I know, I know, I said no more DCUCs, but here's another one of them.  Starfire and Adam Strange.

Mego Wave 2 pictures

It's Justice League June, so I thought I'll mention these "Mego"s.  OK, so Mattel is actually calling these "Retro-styled" these days, but most people are still calling them by their easier to remember and say "Mego" since that's what they are based on.  Pictures from the carded figures of Wave 2 have been made available by Mattel on Facebook.

Monday 21 June 2010

#172 of 365 Superman Returns Kryptonite Smash

It's a brand new week and I guess I'll take a break from DCUC this week.  Yes, I know it's the last week of Justice League June, which means I actually have to get some Justice League figures in the month... or at least I'll try to get some!

Today's figure is Kryptonite Smash Superman from the movie tie-in line Superman Returns.

Sunday 20 June 2010

#171 of 365 DCUC Wonder Twins

I'm excited about this review.  This is another of the DCUC 2-packs I've opened.  This is also one of the few 2-packs to feature siblings.  What am I talking about?  The Wonder Twins, of course.

Ebay haul - Lego 6923 Cosmicopter

The M:tron was a Lego Space subtheme in the early 90s that featured magnets for the first time.  When I first saw the line way back then, I fell in love with the Cosmicopter.  Sadly, I never got that set, at least not until a week ago when I received an opened box set that I won on ebay.

Action Figure Displays - Cartoon Jungle, City and Castle

I have been so pleased with my first 2 action figure displays that I decided a month ago to order a few more.  Yes, these are pricey at $19.99 each, but they are well worth the price, in my opinion, especially when I use them on a regular basis for the pictures here in this blog.  Besides, I was getting tired of using Castle Grayskull Dark World and GIJoe Secret Base again and again and wanted a bit more variety in the background images for the toys that I was opening close to daily.

#170 addendum of 365 DCUC Atom Smasher

Atom Smasher is the Collect and Construct (CnC) of Wave 7 - there's also a stand with Flash, but I decided that I didn't need the stand or Flash.  Besides, I'm sure they'll make Flash available... well, not in a flash, but sooner or later with something that I'd want.  And like all things dealing with mattel, I can be patient!  There's no box for Atom Smasher - he comes in 6 different packages, and if you have been following me for the whole of this week where I've been opening Wave 7, you would have seen all his package packaging.

Saturday 19 June 2010

#170 of 365 DCUC Captain Cold.

It's Captain Cold day today, and let me start by linking to Is It Fun?'s review of the same character.  Captain Cold is my last figure from Wave 7.  I don't have Flash because I didn't just want to get him with the stand.  Maybe someway down the road, there'll be a Flash with a piece that I'd really want and I'd get that instead.

Anyways, this is Captain Cold, who is part of the Flash's rogue gallery.  Now the Flash has one of the most colourful selection of rogues (note, it's not villians like what Batman has), and Captain Cold is one of them.  Basically he's just a man with a gun (heh!) that fires (heh!) a beam that freezes stuff.  He was featured prominent in the past few years in the DC Universe.

Does inclusive = killin' teh lien?

Mattel has revealed the packaing and more for Gygor of the MotUC line on Facebook.

Friday 18 June 2010

The unofficial cartoon guide to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

It's now ready for pre-ordering at

This is written by one of the consultants that Mike Young Production used to obtain background history to the MotUverse, Mr. James Eatock.  I'm also pleased to say I've interacted with him when he was still a civil servant in Her Majesty's government, way way way back before he shot to fame (or pseudo-fame, or whatever you want to call it).  I'm excited to see what gems are contained in this book.  It's cheap too!  Oh, did I mention that the first 30 preorders will get something special...!  Eep!

#169 of 365 DCUC Big Barda

And the Justice League members come aplenty.  Today I'm opening DCUC Big Barda, who was a member of the Justice League during Morrison's run.  Welcome to DCUC Wave 7 week of Justice League June here on Toy a Day.  Big Barda is a New God and part of the Female Furies, whatever that means.  I don't know much about her.

Thursday 17 June 2010

#168 of 365 DCUC Booster Gold

It's still Wave 7 week of Justice League June, and today I'm opening Booster Gold, another former Justice Leaguer here on Toy a Day.  Booster Gold hails from the 25th century, and he time travel back to the present to make money, but he became an accidental hero of sorts.  He's linked to the Legion of Superheroes, in that he supposedly have a Legion flight ring, but I have no idea if that is still true today.

Wednesday 16 June 2010

#167 of 365 DCUC Blue Beetle

I'm marching slowly through opening Wave 7 of DCUC, here on Toy a Day as part of Justice League June, and today we have Blue Beetle.  Now, this is another Justice League member, although I have no idea which version of the Justice League he's part of.  I do know he showed up again in the "Formerly known as the Justice League" comic which I've not read either as the characters did not interest me.

The Last Airbender toys - now showing in stores!

Avatar: The Last Airbender was a highly acclaimed cartoon series on Nickelodeon.  It lasted for 3 seasons and built up a huge following of fans.  Well, now it's slated to hit the big screen big time, and there are toys being produced to support the movie, made by Spin masters.  And apparently these toys have started showing up at some stores.

Tuesday 15 June 2010

#166 of 365 DCUC Kid Flash

We are still on Wave 7 week here on Toy a Day, and it's Justice League month of course.  It's fast turning into DCUC month though.  Leaguer Aquaman was the toy yesterday and today we have another Leaguer, albeit in his teenage costume Kid Flash!

Matty Release day - June

It's the 15th of the month, and it's another release day at  The all in one list can be found here.

She-Ra is the main release figure for today, and she's also the subscription figure.  Some subscribers have already received her.  She's the leader of the Princess of Power subline so she should be popular, yet she's also the subscription figure, so most will be getting her anyways.  I have no idea how fast she will sell out as she's the first figure that has her production numbers increased though.

Keldor is the bonus figure of the month, and he is basically a Skeletor repaint with a new head and a cape.  There did not increase the bonus figure numbers, which means that there are as many Keldor figures on sale as there were Battle Armor He-Man.  Now, Battle Armor He-Man took a while to sell out, but Keldor isn't just a Skeletor with different armour either.  I think Keldor will go out fast, at least faster than Battle Armor He-man.  He is not part of the subscription, so subscription members, like myself will be logging in to pick him up.

Faker is the rerelease/reissue figure.  He was originally the SDCC figure (with a sticker) and the mattycollector version was sold a few weeks after SDCC without the sticker.  Faker was one of the first instant sell-outs on mattycollector, and there are still a number of people calling out for him.  Now, I don't expect him to sell out that fast this time around, he might last half a day or so.  However, if there's enough She-Ras to go around, casual collectors who are just picking up She-Ra might add one of him into their shopping carts as well.

What other competition are these 3 up against?  Well, there's JLU Lobo (which will be popular), DCUC Wave 5 (which will probably last about a day or so) and Slimed Peter Venkman with Slimer (who will probably last about half a day).

I hope all of my friends get what they want to get tonight - figure-wise that is, from

Roundup of the news from Mattel

Mattel has decided to open their floodgate and release a whole slew of news. We got news of Chief Carnivus and Whiplash recently.  Today, it's the turn for pictures of the Wal-Mart exclusive DCUC Wave 14.

Whiplash packaging shown on Facebook

Mattycollector has posted pictures of how Whiplash would look in its packaging on Facebook.

Monday 14 June 2010

#165 of 365 DCUC Ocean Warrior Aquaman

It's a new week, and it's a new theme... and well, I was going to break out of the boring one DCUC Wave a week theme, but can't seem to help it.  I tell ya, the DCUCs are calling out to me to free them from their plastic prison.  So I guess this week, I'll be opening the Atom Smasher Wave, or Wave 7.

MotUC Grizzlor "accidently" shown by Toy Guru

While at a convention in Philadelphia, Scott Neitlich aka Toy Guru, the brand manager for Masters of the Universe Classics, accidentally showed a picture of Grizzlor.  Thanks to Chuckie for the picture!

Sunday 13 June 2010

#164 of 365 DCUC Color of Fear 2-Pack Romat Ru and Karu-Sil

I opened Sinestro earlier in the week.  That was the Sinestro with his modern Sinestro Corps costume.  To celebrate that and to "keep things together", I thought I'd open this 2-Pack (which counts as one toy, since it's in one box) which contains more Sinestro Corps members.

Tron Exclusives @ SDCC

Information has been revealed that the first 2 toys for the Tron Legacy film, from Spin master, the license holder for the Tron Toys, and these will be available at San Diego Comic Con as SDCC exclusives.  I've tracked the images back to Tron Sector.

Saturday 12 June 2010

Spy Monkey Creations Shields

Spy Monkey Creations have been ambitious.  They have previously made accessories for MotUC, but never have they tried to do 5 accessories at the same time, until recently.  I received these 5 Shields of Deliverance recently so I thought I'd review them.  They were available for sale on May 17th.

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