Thursday 31 March 2011

#454 of Year 2 Lego Star Wars 7671 AT-AP Walker

It's the final day of Mecha March 2011, and I might as well finish this month off with an honest-to-earth Mecha.  It's still Lego though, I do have a whole bunch of these that I need to open, and I just bought over a grands worth of my plastic crack just this week so...

Wednesday 30 March 2011

#453 of Year 2 Lego Creator 4917 Mini-Robots

One more day till the end of Mecha March, am I'm still on a Lego spree.  Well, maybe tomorrow I'll open what you were hoping for... or maybe I won't?  I know what I'm opening, but for today, it's another Lego Mech.  OK, maybe Mech is a bit of a misnomer here, but it's one of those build-a-bot things.

Tuesday 29 March 2011

#452 of Year 2 Lego Exoforce 8103 Sky Guardian

It's another day in Mecha March, and it's another Exoforce for today.  OK, so there weren't that many Exoforce this month anyways, but that's because there are only 3 years of these toys to choose from, and I did like them the first year, which I opened when I got them, so I don't really have a whole lot of them unopened.  And I have even less after today!

Monday 28 March 2011

#451 of Year 2 Lego Exoforce 8113 Assault Tiger

It's a brand new week.  We're still on Mecha March, so here's an honest to goodness Mecha.  Wait, erm... well, it's made out of bricks, but it's still a Mecha.  In fact, it's from one of my favourite themes from Lego.  Yup, I'm talking about Exoforce.

Sunday 27 March 2011

#450 of Year 2 Lego Bionicle 8691 Antroz

It's the final day of Bionicle week!  Hooray!  Well, I forsee a few more Bionicle week to get through my collection of Bionicle stuff, but I'm just going to finish off the Phantoka here this week.  Actually, I might have more Phantoka stuff in storage, I shall have to dig for them.  Anyways, today is the big red Phantoka - Antroz.

Saturday 26 March 2011

#449 of Year 2 Lego Bionicle 8947 Radiak

It's the weekend, and it's still Bionicle week here, so I'm dutifully opening the Bionicle stuff that I have got stacked up somewhere.  I do have a lot more of them, but I'm getting bored of them after a whole week of them, so I guess I'm gonna go open something else next week.

Friday 25 March 2011

#448 of Year 2 Lego Bionicle 8944 Tanma

I'm still romping through Bionicle week, and today, it's this little dude who's called Tanma.  OK, that's a weird name, but I'm going to guess it has some Polynesian link or something as this whole line started off with that way... until some Polynesian group threatened a lawsuit or something.

Thursday 24 March 2011

#447 of Year 2 Lego Bionicle 8693 Chirox

Chirox is a Phantoka, which is a convienient subtheme for the Bionicle line.  He's the black enemy Bionicle for the year and goes with Kirop from yesterday.  He's also has a bat influence in his design.

Wednesday 23 March 2011

#446 of Year 2 Lego Bionicle 8949 Kirop

Lego has always had a fondness of Bats, and this shows in the Bionicle line too.  Kirop is a batlike character, and he comes in a box that looks relatively creepy as well.

Tuesday 22 March 2011

#445 of Year 2 Lego Bionicle 8726 Dalu

As usual, good things comes in twos, or at least that's what I say.  The entire Bionicle line has gone the way of the dodo, but I still have a whole bunch of them unopened.  I really don't like them, but there were just so many of them clogging up the shelves that it was hard to ignore them, so, if you can't beat the crowd...

Monday 21 March 2011

#444 of Year 2 Lego Bionicle 8722 Kazi

It's the final full week of Mecha March, and I'm just going to quickly run through Bionicles for the rest of this week.  Yes, I know Bionicle isn't mecha, but I've got a whole bunch of these that needs to be opened, so I guess you guys have to bear with me.

Sunday 20 March 2011

#443a of Year 2 Revoltech Extra Positron Rifle & ESV Shield Set

It was December.  I was trolling the streets of Hong Kong hunting for toy bargains.  And then I noticed this toy grotto place, apparently recently opened, and all it had was cheaply made Chinese toys.  Then I caught the sight of Japanese text... what's this?  Revoltech?  And that was my introduction to the line.  Out of all the cheap plastic in the store, this section of the aisle (there were no shelves) had these Japanese toys which looks interesting.  And for a couple of bucks (US, not Hong Kong), was this large box of accessories with an interesting looking speeder-bike-like gun.

#443 of Year 2 Revoltech Evangelion Prototype

This is my last unopened Yamaguchi figure, or well, it was.  Welcome to Mecha March and yesterday was the last of the unopened Transformers toys.  It was also a Yamaguchi, which is the smaller of the two action figure lines (that I know of) from Kaiyodo.

Saturday 19 March 2011

#442 of Year 2 Revoltech Hotrodimus

More Transformers today for Mecha March, and again it's not from Hasbro or TakaraTomy.  This is a Rodimus or Hot Rodimus as it's called from Kaiyodo's Revoltech line.

Friday 18 March 2011

#441 of Year 2 Transformers Rip-Off Superion

Good things comes in twos, or at least that's my theory.  So here's a knock-off Superion for today as I run down most things Transformers this Mecha March.

Thursday 17 March 2011

#440 of Year 2 Transformers Rip-Off Raiden

I was tempted to let today's review just survive on just the photographs, but oh well, let me try to put at least a line of text here and there so that people will not accuse you guys of "just looking at the pictures".  It's the trainrobos today, otherwise known as Raiden in Japan, but this is a fake imitation from China that seems rather good quality... perhaps they got the original moulds from the trash?  Who knows?

Wednesday 16 March 2011

#439 of Year 2 Transformers Evac

This is the last Transformers for this month... well, the last one by Habro or TakaraTomy anyways.  Are there any other companies that makes Transformers?  Well, there are a few... Anyways, this is a repaint of something or another as Evac for the first Bay movie line.  Evac.

Tuesday 15 March 2011

March 2011 Matty Release Day

It's another month, it's another release day.  This one isn't as spectacular as last month's, or will be as spectacular as next month's, in terms of new product sold, but nevertheless, it's the first time (I think) that two leaders are being made available together and three for sale.

#438 of Year 2 Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock

There's more Transformers goodness today, in the form of Masterpiece Grimlock.  Now the original Grimlock was a mecha - there was even a compartment on his back for a pilot to rid in.  That compartment is gone from this version of Grimlock, but it doesn't make it any less of a masterpiece.

Monday 14 March 2011

Bits and Bobs 20110314 Happy Pi Day!

It's Pi day today, no, not the type that you eat, but the numerical constant used in mathematics.  Or that's what maths geeks would want us to believe.

#437 of Year 2 Transformers United Bumblebee

Transformers Animated week for this year's Mecha March might have ended, but that doesn't mean that the opening of Transformers toys have ended. The toy today is another Japanese import - Cybertron mode Bumblebee from TakaraTomy's Transformers United line.

Sunday 13 March 2011

#436 of Year 2 Transformers Animated Sons of Cybertron

It's the final day of Mecha March Transformers Animated week here on Toy a Day, and I'm saving the best for last.  This is the Japanese version of the Sons of Cybertron, which means it's the clear version of Optimus and Rodimus.  Now, this colour variant of Rodimus is my favourite in the line, which is why I got this!

Saturday 12 March 2011

#435 of Year 2 Transformers Animated Safeguard

It's still the Mecha March Transformers Animated week here on Toy a Day, and as we enter the weekend, I get more time, so it's time to show off two figures today and tomorrow.  Safeguard is today's figure, and he consists of Jetstorm and Jetfire.  This is a two-in-one gestalt.

Friday 11 March 2011

#434 of Year 2 Transformers Animated Bulkhead

It's Transformers Animated week, Mecha March here on Toy a Day, and today I'm opening something I picked up from a Forbidden Planet in Leeds, England.  Yay for Forbidden Planet!  It's Bulkhead, of course and he's Voyager class, whatever that means.  Yes, I know this isn't the headmasters version, with the speech and the extra head, but oh well.

Thursday 10 March 2011

#433 of Year 2 Transformers Animated Samurai Prowl

It's still Transformers Animated week here on Toy a Day as part of Mecha March.  I'm surprised by the amount of chatter that's going up this week about the TFA... from where to order them online to Arcee's thumbs being broken.  I continue today with Ninjabot, aka Samurai Prowl.  That's Prowl with Yoketron's helmet.  Basically, in the cartoon, Lockdown, who's a packrat has a spare Yoketron helmet lying around so he gave it to Prowl to team up or something like that.

Wednesday 9 March 2011

#432 of Year 2 Transformers Animated Ironhide

I'm still running through Transformers Animated week here on Toy a Day as part of Mecha March.  Unlike the former Transformers Animated week way back in August last year, this year, the toys are mainly the Japanese toys from TakaraTomy.  The difference is that the paint schemes are slightly different, with brighter metallic colours on the Japanese toys.

Tuesday 8 March 2011

#431 of Year 2 Transformers Animated Wingblade Optimus Prime

OK, so I was a bit on the fence when I saw this in the Japanese import store.  I mean, I already have a Cybertronian mode Prime and a Battle Damaged one from the 2-pack.  What I didn't like was that either one of those were tiny when compared with figures such as Ratchet.  So grudgingly, I picked up this Wingblade Prime, hoping I won't regret it.  Welcome to Transformers Animated Week of Mecha March 2011 here on Toy a Day!

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