Tuesday, 1 March 2011

#424 of Year 2 Zoids Hardbear

It's a new month!  And that means there's a new theme month.  Mecha March!  This year I'm not going the easy way out by calling it Mecha.nic.al March like I did last year and interspersed the Mechas with Mechanical items.  It's Mecha all the way this year!  We kick off with Tomy's Zoids, or Neo Blox Zoids to be exact.  Yes, I know by the time these came out Tomy had merged with Takara, but the Zoids line will always be a Tomy line to me.

Hardbear *snicker* is number NBZ-02.  It is typical that Japanese toys always gets a number, don't ask me why.  Perhaps they are more anal than other collectors?  Who knows?  Anyways, the box isn't too bad, with a picture in front and a story on the back and a little hanger flap, as is the norm for these smaller Zoids boxes.

The back and the sides of the box shows off the other models in the series and how Hardbear can...erm... mate with the rest of them.  Yes, the Blox series is Tomy's attempt to add play value by promoting plug and play.  I like the system generally.  Just not so much the models (and the names).

Zoids always straddle the line between a construction toy, a model kit and an action figure.  Assembly is definitely required, and it's a breeze to do so, despite the instructions being in Japanese and the fact that I don't read Japanese.

The toy itself looks less like a bear and more like an overgrown mongrel.  There is some sculpting but no paint or even a decal sheet to decorate the creature.  The Blox system means that the whole thing is very posable, thanks to the ball sockets used by the system.  Overall, this is a good addition to the Zoids universe, but there's noting special about it.


  1. "Hardbear *snicker*"... Glad I'm not the only one with his mind in the gutter! :D

  2. Havnt looked at a zoid for a long long time. they use to all be windup back then. Looks like fun to build and pose.

  3. @Taz: I don't name them. I just write about them
    @ck: No, the New Blox are not windup. Not anymore. They are now "plug and play" as stated.

  4. Ah Zoids. Only had one of em, a red and black windup rhino. Good to hear they've revamped the articulation and play value while keeping the looks


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