Wednesday 7 April 2010

#96 of 365 Millennium Battle Fist

When Mattel got around to Fisto, they discovered that they might have an issue with Kit Fitso from the Star Wars line, so Fisto was renamed as Battle Fist. Okaaaaaaay. Battle Fist doesn't sound as much like a porn star's name as Fisto, but then again, Fisto was named in the "liberated" 80s, so who can say?

Fisto comes on the green card and was one of the latter figures to be made. The pose that he has in the bubble is a bit weird, but it does show off everything. For a change, I like the card back, despite the fact that it's on a green card. Fisto seems to have a nice dynamic pose there and the action features are nicely highlighted in a similar fashion to the red card.

Fisto comes with a claw thing that's reminiscence of Clamp Champ from the vintage line. His action feature, of course is his arm, which in this version can also be extended by pressing a button. Hmm... The armour and loincloth and boots are nicely sculpted with quite a lot of detail. The head, although nice, does not bear a resemblence to the cartoon version which is a pity.

The comparison with the vintage figure shows the updated Millennium look, while retaining elements of what made the vintage stand out. Two things come to mind - one: the millennium version does not have the tan that the vintage version has; and two: the millennium version does not have a sword.

Nevertheless, this Fisto looks great and works great within the millennium line and the stactions. Opening this figure makes me pine for an updated Classics version. As usual, more pictures in the Facebook album.

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