Sunday 22 August 2010

#234 of 365 Transformers Animated Optimus Prime vs Megatron

It's Sunday, and that makes it the last day of Transformers Animated week.  I saved the best for the last of the week, and today we have "The Battle Begins" or Optimus Prime vs Megatron.  It's still Animated August here on Toy a Day!

The box builds on the same design as the other boxes we've seen this week, but it's bigger, and slightly different.  Again, there's drawings of the figureson the front, and both figures are featured on the back.  However, there aren't any pictures of the other figures in the line though.

There's a DVD in the package, which is nice.   And then there's the 2 figures and on first glance there seem to be no accessories, but that's only because the figures are holding the accessories.

Optimus Prime is in his usual red and blue self, with his animated axe.  He transforms in his usual fashion into the truck cab and the axe fits on the back in a rather weird way.  What's nice about the figure are the painted on "battle damage" perhaps a nod to some cartoon episode that I've yet to watch.

This optimus is only slightly smaller than the Cybertron mode Optimus Prime that I opened earlier in the week, but I must say, I don't really like the way the ax sits in vehicle mode.  I like the fact that this Optimus seems more muscular and less anorexic than the Cybertron mode version.  Overall there are pluses and minuses overall for this version of Prime when compared with the Cybertron version.

Megs is in grey instead of the Cybertron mode white, and he seems a bit dark to me, which is probably the intention.  He transforms very easily to his jet mode, and that's one mode that I have issues with.  His arms are clearly visible, and it just seems to be a mess of a vehicle overall.  I don't like the vehicle mode.

And when placed next to his Cybetron mode counterpart, well, it's clearly obvious which one is bigger.  Bigger by a lot.  I like the sleep kines of the Cybertron mode and the silver paint seems to elevate that model above this one.  I have to say, this model fails in both robot and jet mode when compared with the Cybertron mode.

Prime's robot mode is actually a bit smaller than I expected, but that's not a big issue as he's not way too much smaller.  Megs, on the other hand, is so small that it seems very obvious that he's smaller.  It's as if this Meg is from a totally different class of Transformers toys.

In vehicle mode, Optimus is still in a relatively good size - he's still larger than Bumblebee, which is how he's supposed to be.  Megs on the other hand... seems a mess and a collection of junk when placed to the sleeker counterparts such as Lockdown or Soundwave, or even a jet like Starscream.  I think Cybertron mode Megs will be my primary TA Megs.  But it's all moot though, because everything is going back into the box by today.  Well, maybe I'll break them out again in future, but I've still got a whole lot of other things to open before then!


  1. Novelty, you must have a truckload of toys lying around, what are you going to do with them all?

  2. A truckload? Probably. What am I doing with them all? At the moment I'm opening one a day, at least this year. Who knows what will happen next year?

  3. How about giving away a toy a day, in exchange for people doing tasks for you? I'm sure LJ wouldn't mind

  4. That's a good idea... I've got to ask Santa for 365 toys for Christmas so I can give them out next year. I'll let you know if Santa delivers them.

  5. hockstylin' - That's just hilarious. And I'm sure LJ would agree to doing "tasks" for you, Novelty.

    This is a good set. I like Megs, but I love Optimus. Sadly, though, Megs is supposed to dwarf Optimus in the TFA series, so this is kinda outta scale. Megs should be Voyager to be in scale with OP.

    Also, Optimus' axe is more in scale with the Voyager class Prime, and that's where his axe is with right now in my display. So yeah, TFs have all sorts of scale problems but are super fun nonetheless!

  6. Yeah, they flooded the market so much with all the TF stuff that I'm so confused these days. Consequently, I haven't been buying any!

    And I wonder what "tasks" did you have in mind for LJ to do. LOL.


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