Saturday, 15 May 2010

Big Bad Toy Store

OK, so the guest blogging gig has been really great.  Lemonjuice has been offering me these air-filled life-sized "action figures".  I've noticed that there are some patches of stickiness around certain areas (the action features area?) and when I asked Lemonjuice about it, all he gives me is a vague answer about him testing out the figures to make sure they work, or something to those effect.  But I digress...

I've finally made enough to get a few extra figures, so I headed over to Big Bad Toy Store to get a few DCUCs.  The figures are finally here.  Here's a preview!

The 2 DCUCs will hopefully be part of Justice League June here on TaD (or perhaps a guest slot on another blog as part of Blog Mash Bash - I have no plans yet for that far out). The Muppets figure will be part of Monster October (and I'm gradually building up enough figures for that).

Since I was taking pictures, here's a preview of what's being offered as part of Justice League June on TaD.

Right after I took that photograph, I just realised that I did not include the Lego Batman stuff in that picture for that month as well. There's probably also a few odds and ends that I might pickup before then.  I can't wait to open these!  I hope you'll be here to join me in June when I open these up, one for each day of the month!


  1. Holy cow!! June is going to be a fantastic month! Can't wait for you to get to the Superman Returns one!! And Wonder Twins as well? And Batman Beyond is always welcome! Exciting!!

  2. Wonder Twins will be guest blogged. Since you're such a huge fan of Superman Returns, I guess I'll do an Is It Fun for that.

  3. It was a terrible line, but I do love terrible lines sometime! That would be great to have on there! I'll be doing another toy run next weekend and should be able to guest blog a couple of those. =)

  4. I need the arm that comes with that Big Barda figure! When you open it, my envy will surely scorch the Earth!lol

    I'm looking forward to these, especially the Yellow Lantern two-pack!

  5. Don't you have a Big Barda figure? I could pick one of those up for you if you want one.

  6. I don't really want her. I just need the C&C piece. Although she is one of the New Gods, I'm just not a fan. I need that arm to complete Atom Smasher though cause I love me some JSA!

  7. That arm will be easy to pick up though, just ask any DCUC completist who bought 2 of her (helmet and helmetless) and they'll probably have a spare C&C piece.


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