Friday 28 May 2010

#148 of 365 Millennium Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms

Hey everyone.  It's still Bionic Week on MotU May here, and every Bionic week for MotU needs Mr. MotU Bionic himself, Man-at-Arms, particularly considering his depiction in the cartoon from the line!  I've also previously opened another Man-at-Arms.

This Man-at-Arms is on the green card.  OK, I don't like the card.  That's no secret.  But they have done a good job here with the nice uncluttered display, both inside the bubble and on the back of the card.  It actually looks rather good.  Well, it's about time that they make it look good.  I still don't like it though, on principle.

It's the green card, which means there's the side card.  I think the side card isn't as good as the card back because of the way he's posed.  Man-at-Arms is way too small on that card.

There are four pieces out of the bubble - Man-at-Arms himself, his mace, with the weird attached claw on a bendy cord, a cannon with a firing missile.  The last two pieces seems to be an afterthought, and was probably included to justify the price of the figure.

I think the mace extension is odd as well.  I mean, yes, Man-at-arms might occassionally extrude "Doc ock appendages" from his mace.  But one with a tripod at the end?  Not so much.

The figure is basically a repaint with silvers dark brown and a dark green body.  I think it is overall way too dark.  The green is nice, but gone is Duncan's trademark orange armor.  The silver, although shiny, is not as colourful.  The other comment I have is that the colour scheme does not match with the neon green on the weapons.

Well, this repaint seems to be as bad an idea as He-Man with Webstor/Doc Ock appendages.  Comparing him to the original Man-at-Arms, well, this Serpent Claw version hardly stands out and seems to be partially camoflaged in the background, despite the fact that the sculpt is exactly the same.  This alternate is definately going back into the box.


  1. The first thing I thought when I saw the first picture was "what the hell did they even change?" And, well, they didn't. He was still drunk when he was designing his weapons! Yeesh! I see more and more why people complain about this line so much! 18 of the main figures and half the others had to be relegated to stactions!

  2. Yeah, this figure had potential but somehow it got all blon out of the water. They coul've really taken adbacntage of it to give some nicer accessories that wouldn;ve complemented Battle Armor and Original MAA. Unfortunately they had to screw it up with bad weapons and worse colors. Heh. :P


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