Monday 31 May 2010

#151 of 365 Millennium Snake Hunter He-Man

It's the last day of May, and the last day of MotU May.  I'd like to have opened a Toys R Us DCUC vs MotUC 2-pack as we transition into Justice League June, but alas, I did not manage to score one of those.  So I have to make do with another "killin teh lien" He-Man.

Snake Hunter He-man comes on the green card, and *yawn* I've been talking about my dislike of the green card for most of the month so I think I'll pass this time.  I would say that like Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms, the arrangement on the cardback is rather well done.  I think they have been improving due to feedback and trial-and-error.

There's quite a few pieces for this He-Man - another weird sword, a weird axe, the backpack and the net.  I'm not sure I like the serrated edge on the sword - is it trying to be a saw at the same time?  There's also not much detail on the sword.  Now the axe is bi-coloured, and that's the only nice thing about it.  The design is weird and makes the axe rather impractical to be wielded as a weapon, or for chopping firewood.

Now, this character would have been great as a character on his (or her own) instead of being a He-man alternate.  I mean, we'd finally get a MotU male counterpart to Netossa.  But alas.  The harness on the back works rather well to fling the net in front of He-man.  The net is made of a nice nylon-like material, but softer.

The He-Man himself suffers from being a millennium He-man.  French fries for hair, anorexic yet muscular.  And I have no idea why he has those weird boot things with the toes of his boots exposed either.

This He-man has a revamped torso with new armour and a new skirt/kilt, but other than that, and the weird removable sole and shin protectors, tis' a repaint more or less.  The comparison pictures show how the weird hair is like fried potatoes - really, don't they have combs in the millennium universe? - and how narrow and disproportionate his waist is to his shoulders, when compared with both the vintage and the Classics version.

And that's it for MotU May.  Tomorrow, we start Justice League June, and DCUC Wave 1 week.


  1. Aw, kind of a sad way to go out.. I'm sorry you didn't get your hands on a DCUC/MOTU two pack. For once, He-Man was actually tolerably priced that way. I've gotta agree with you.. if this weren't He-Man, the design might actually be pretty cool, but trying to wedge it into He-Man's usual appearance is not good at all, and the red just doesn't work for him. I think I've said this before, but I really don't like those snake logos, either. Leave the snakes for the Snakemen, thankyewverymuch. heh

  2. Nice review. Looking forward to the DCUC figures coming up.

    Seeing this toy made me throw up in my mouth a little. I choked it down and took another swig of hobo-wine as I pondered Mattel's insanity.


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