Wednesday 22 January 2014

#959 of Year 4 Lego 10937 Superheroes Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout

This isn't the first Batman Arkham Asylum to be rendered into an official Lego set, but it's probably one of the more iconic sets from the last couple of years.  The architecture of the building, despite being just a fascade is awesome, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

The box seems boring - it's just a huge facade with some characters and a few of the usual features shown on the back.

It contains quite a lot, 12 baggies, 3 instruction books, a decal sheet and a minicomic.  Eep!

There are two baggies marked #1.


And it builds Joker in bright orange prison coveralls, a policeman and a truck.  I didn't bother applying the decals to the truck.

Baggie #2 builds Batman.

It also builds this gothic-looking gate complete with black guardian gargoyles.

There are two baggies marked #3.

They build the Penguin, complete with his umbrella and a fish, and the entrance to the asylum.

Baggie #4 builds Robin... the version with a hood.

As well as the lab part of the asylum.  There's a nice desk inside as well.

Baggie #5 builds...

...Scarecrow, and the prison block.


Baggie #6 builds Poison Ivy...

And her prison cell.  I love the greenery in the otherwise grey building.

Baggie #7 builds...

A nice looking clock tower (sans clock).  Behind it is the prison for Mr. Freeze, complete with ice cubes.

Baggie #8 builds the female doctor...

... and her secret compartment.  Wait, is she supposed to be Harley???

Baggie #9 builds the doctor's office.

All in all, the building took ages, but ti's worth it.  The building is adorned with all sort of goodies from the glass windows, the gargoyles and the sais as spikes on the steeple.  The interior features all sorts of fun as well, and there's even a receptionist desk.  The intersting part is that the wings are modular so they building can be rearranged in a number of ways.

There's the funny farm!


  1. Love it! What a great looking Asylum!

    Way out of my price range (nor do I have the space for it) though, so I just went ahead and tracked down Dr. Quinzel off eBay a while back. I also was able to fake that version of Robin with a standard Robin and a hood and black leg piece. Joker in his orange jumpsuit is pretty cool too, will someday have to get that version!

    1. That Joker should be more affordable than the Quinn.

  2. Dr. Harleen Quinzel (yes that's Harley in the set!) is one of my favorite minifigures ever! I love her! This set is hands down one of my favorites. I went to the nearest Lego store (about an hour away from my house) and bought it the day it was released.


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