Monday 20 January 2014

#957 of Year 4 Lego 6857 Superheroes The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape

It's rare that we get a Joker set, but this is exactly what this is - a set based around the Joker... and to a certain extent the Riddler and Harley Quinn as well.

The box is red and green and all Joker-y which bodes well for the set.

It contains only one instuction booklet, a wordless minicomic, three baggies and two sets of narrow rails that are not bagged.

Baggie #1 build the good guys - Batman and Robin, and a very odd cycle.

Baggie #2 builds...

Edward Nygma aka The Riddler, and completes most of the funhouse.

Baggie #3 builds Harley and Joker...

... and completes the fun house.  The build wasn't too difficult, but it did take time because some of the action features are a wee bit complicated and needs a little bit of getting them just so to work.

The structure of the funhouse is interesting... there's a huge hammer, trap doors, a window for Riddler, a purple barrel (but not Penguin).  All sorts of goodies.


  1. This is a fun set. I got it for my daughter a couple Christmases ago. I'd like someday to get enough spare rail pieces for the roller coaster car to make a complete loop!

    1. That would be epic. Please post pictures when you've got that done!

  2. I love this set. Last year it was pretty tough to find but this weekend I was at Toys R Us and saw a ton of these. I imagine this will be the last year before Lego retires it, though.

    1. Has it gone on clearance? I think this is the last year it'd be on as well.


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