Tuesday 25 March 2014

#963 of Year 4 Kree-O Battleship

Gah, I hate not having time to blog.  Anyways, it's March, and before it's over, I thought I'd do at least one post for Mechanical March and what better toy to do that than Kree-O!

Hasbro is trying to cash in on the construction toy craze and they are tying it in with their other properties.  This is from the boardgame of course, but it's also from the movie.  The box is sturdy, but it seems rather boring on the front with the muted colour scheme.

It contains two baggies, a decal sheet and transformers-style folded instructions.

The build is easy, and the model seems a bit chunky but good.  The figures are different from the Transformers Kree-O in that they are more humanoid as can be seen above.  I don't really like these though; don't get me wrong, they are good, but they are just not for me.

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