Wednesday 19 February 2014

#962 of Year 4 Lego 3937 Olivia's Speedboat

Continuing the Friends theme for the month, here's a boat set.

The box contains two baggies and an instruction booklet.

The figure looks nice, but again, it's too girly for me (sorry), although the hair piece could find good reuse on a minifig.  The build was simple, but we do get a sandcastle, a tiled tanning mattress, and an umbrella in addition to the boat.

It's a simple set.  I wish they didn't cheap out on the boat by using a large piece, but they probably did that to give it the curves and to reduce the building time.  I also have issues with the pink and purple and orange montrosity that's the mattress thing.  Who in their right mind would put those colours together?  They clash just so awefully.  I do like the sandcastle and especially the pink flag - that's a nice touch.  Another set that fits will in my city, but that figure, off she goes to join the rest of her 'friends'.

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