Monday 17 February 2014

#961a of Year 4 Lego 850596 Heartlake City Playmat

February at Toy a Day has traditionally focused on females, and toys for the fairer gender.  This year it's just gonna focus on Lego Friends.

Lego Friends are a group of five girls/ladies (I'm not quite sure) - Mia, Emma, Andrea, Olivia and Stephanie who live in Heartlake City.  They do interesting stuff together and with their friends.  The population of Heartlake City seems to be over 90% female...

Today's post is just a playmat for the city.

The box is huge, and mine's a bit dented at the corners.  Oh well.

And that's the reversible playmat.  Heartlake on one side and the beach on the other.  It looks good.  I like this.

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