Friday, 10 January 2014

#947 of Year 4 Lego 6867 Superheroes Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape

So, I guess we progress on towards the larger sets.  Today's it's Iron Man's turn to get the Toy a Day treatment!

This is supposed to be Loki's set, but that huge SHIELD vehicle sure spoils it.  Now, why can't they give him a set with a big vehicle of some sort?  I have no idea.  The box has the usual - a picture and the figures on the front, the action features on the back.

It contains two baggies, the instruction book, a small decal sheet and the minicomic.  The three figures are in interesting choice.  I would much rather have a generic SHIELD agent or even Coulson than Hawkeye, but he is what he is.

The vehicle is big - way too big in my opinion.  It has a sea-saw at the back that launches a character, and some friction launchable missiles, but it's basically a huge monster truck.  But then again, I didn't get the set for the vehicle.  Nopers, I got it for Tony Stark!


  1. I like the images of your town that I can see! I haven't picked up any of the modulars since the town hall as I've tried to scale back to just the spookier stuff, but the new cafe looks cool.

    And yeah, that's a big truck, but I think it works. Most Lego town vehicles feel to small to me.

  2. Well, the town might get revamped a bit...


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