Monday, 6 January 2014

#943 of Year 4 Lego 5000022 Superheroes Hulk

I guess since I was on the Lego Marvel Superheroes, I might as well head on to Spidey's friends.  Today's Superhero is the Hulk.

Lego can't make a figures only set for Star Wars, but apparently it can make minifig-only polybags of the Superheroes.  This one is hulk with his printed purple pants.  The polybag is a bit big for the contents, which is just... well, the 4 parts that make up the minifigure.

The figure is OK, the printed details on the face and torso looks good, and the overall figure reminds me of a Monster Fighter figure.  He doesn't seem too out of place next to a Christmas tree as well.  He's not all hulked up or anything though, but that's OK.  This is the little green monster version of him.


  1. Yeah, I could definitely find a use for him in my giant Monster Fighters haunted town. He's kind of creepy when you don't look at him as the Hulk but as a random green monster.

  2. I used him in a Viking display last November. He was the sole rower of a long boat. It was awesome!

    1. I could definitely see Hulk getting along with a group of Vikings. Heck, mixing some of the armor pieces together could make a cool World War Hulk figure.

    2. No armor. Just this hulk. Of course, Thor and Loki was busy sorta nearby.


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