Wednesday 25 May 2011

#509 of Year 2 Ben 10 Upchuck Alien Force

Blogger was down for me... or at least that's what I thought... until I found out that it doesn't work with Firefox for some weird reason.  So now I've gotta get a whole new browser to do this and to catch up on writing up about the stuff that I've opened.  This week is Bandai week featuring Ben 10, of course, and I continue with the Alien Force version of Upchuck.

This version of Upchuck comes on the old Alien Force packaging.  It's all blue and green and black and has Upchuck staring out of the bubble.  The back is exactly the same for the other figures in the wave, so there's nothing special there.


Upchuck does come with a card though, or what they've called an Alien Combination card.  I think that's an accessory for another one of the playsets.  It does have a nice scared (not scary!) picture of Upchuck on the card.

Upchuck comes with... his detachable tail.  It was a bit difficult to plug into the knob on his back, but once that is done... well, I'm not sure if it comes off... and I'm not sure I would like to try.  Upchuck has five points of articulation - the aforementioned tail-piece and the hips and shoulders.

The paintwork is interesting and precise.  Upchuck has hugh blocks of paint on his arms and back to give him a weird army camoflage look.  The sculpt is interesting, as it includes the six "ears" or protrusions on his head. The eyes are a bit alien and the overall look does give it that ready for business vibe.

Comparison time!  This Upchuck is a lot less cartoony than the "kid" version of the character and looks a bit more grown up.  He's still short though, and is about the same height as the previous version.  He definitely lacks the articulation of a figure such as Six Six, but what he lacks in articulation, he makes up in design and paint.  He may be small, but I'm sure he'd stand out among all the Ben 10 aliens on display for his size and pastel tones!

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